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Things Fall Apart Motif Essay: Parent Child Relationships

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Parent child relationships, one of the strongest bonds a person could have. No matter which parent you side with, you still try to support and love each other the same. In the novel “Things Fall Apart” by Chinua Achebe the main parent child relationship lies between a father and son. Or at least this is how Achebe portrays it in the novel. Achebe accomplishes many tasks by using parent child relationships as a motif. He creates interest, helps readers easily grasp concepts, creates generalizations about parent child relationships, emphasizes a link between generations, and characterizes main characters such as Okonkwo. While using these things, Achebe creates a more interesting, complex, and ...view middle of the document...

Also by using these characters together it creates interest in the novel. Many novels use parent child relationships, resulting in similar characteristics between them.

Rebellion, one event most parent child relationships have. When the child leads a different path then the one laid out for them, it causes tension in the parent child relationship. When children are growing up, whatever they experience change how they look at the world forever.
“It was after such a day at the farm during last harvest that Nwoye felt for the first time a snapping inside him like the one he now felt.” (61) The following quotation shows the reaction from Nwoye hearing about the death of Ikemefuna. Nwoye snapped like he did when he heard of the tradition of killing twins last harvest. These events showcase Nwoye`s sympathetic nature. He didn’t understand how Okonkwo, as cold and heartless as he is, would kill the boy who was close to him. The boy who helped him turn Nwoye into the man he wanted. Nwoye snapped for the last time. He decided to pave his own path. “’I am one of them’ [...] ‘He is not my father’ said Nwoye, unhappily. ” In this scene, Nwoye joins the Christian Missionaries, and he talks to Obierika, Okonkwo’s friend. In this quotation he shows he lost all respect and love for his father. The way his father acted affected his entire life. Instead of becoming a warrior or an important position in the tribe like his father wanted, Nwoye went down a path to peace. Paying no heed to his father’s words about the missionaries. Even as a child Nwoye wished for a peaceful life, without violence, and without his father’s yelling and beatings. By joining the missionaries he spreads the word about a kind and peaceful religion and way of life. As previously noted, Unoka and Nwoye are much alike, showing the link between the different generations in a family. But as a result of Unoka’s actions, Okonkwo and Unoka’s parent child relationship and Okonkwo and Nwoye’s parent child relationship are ruined. These links help create another generalization about parent child relationships. The following pieces of evidence help us deduce two generalizations about the motif parent child relationships. Events in novels such as rebellion and links between generations are common for parent child relationships. Using these...

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