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Things Teenagers Should Look Into Before Investing In A Sexual Relationship

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Sex is a very sensitive subject. Parents tell their kids to wait because guys can get STD’s and girls can get STD’s and/or pregnant, but, human emotions is a far less talked about subject. A person can get a broken heart/ rage/ and even lose trust in their partner after having sex. No one deserves to get a broken heart. Although most likely, sooner or later, everyone gets a broken heart. The impact of the broken heart can be greatly reduced if sex is avoided.2. A couple does it for the first time. They hear the rumors that it’s will be bring them closer together. Although it does bring them closer together, they get fears involved. Both of them get frightened and test for STDs. Both of them forgot to talk about STDs; a sign that they weren’t prepared for sex in the first place. What if I get herpes, they think. The only way to be 100 % sure of not getting an STD is to just not have sex in the first place.3.Guilt is another problem that comes from sex. Guilt is easy to get. Some people get guilt from their first kiss because they think that part of their innocence is gone. Imagine the guilt that you will receive from having sex. Maybe the guilt comes from knowing how much pain you’ve caused your partner when they realize that the only reason you had sex with them was to satisfy your own sexual needs. Also people who are religious may think they are going to hell due to the fact that they had sex with someone they aren’t married too.4. High School relationships were not designed to last. When that breakup comes, the breakup will be 10 times harder if sex was involved in the relationship. Sex easily brings two people close together. Or at least one person closer to the other. So if one person isn’t feeling it but the other one is, then the person who felt something, is going to be shattered when they lost the person who they have been so close to. Time heals all wounds but the healing time will be so much longer when sex is involved. The person may feel like it was meant to be and is crushed when they realize that it...

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