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Things That Determine Animals’ Sleeping Style

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It might seem obvious that all creatures sleep and many people do not even try to think of the reasons or the functions of sleeping patterns because sleeping is so natural things in life. However, there are many factors that are in connection with one’s sleeping style. Animals except human beings also have developed their sleeping patterns in the ways they can have better life. Since not all animals have same lifestyle, they do not sleep in and for the same time. Each of them has its own average sleeping time which matches its own living pattern. Three big factors that animal consider to determine howthey willsleep are based on how they conserve energy, their habitat temperature, and their stress from the external environment.
To begin with, the method which animals choose to maintain energy has a close relationship with the sleeping hours. Animals keep a certain amount of stamina to do demanding activity for a day by taking nutrition and using it suitably. Small animals usually sleep for a long time to efficiently conserve energy.Small animals usually have fast heartbeats that cause lots of energy for their tiny body when they are moving around, waken up. However, their heart rate goes down a bit when they are sleeping. Consequently, it is more efficient for smaller animals to choose sleeping as a way to regulate their energy rather than being active to find something to eat as an energy source. It can be shown by the fact that a bat sleeps for 19 hours a day and a squirrel sleeps for more than 15 hours a day.In contrast, animals with bulky body tend to sleep less and spend more time on eating. The reason why they choose to sleep less is that for the big animals, heart beating has only a trivial influence on theirenergy plan. What they need more is bigger amount of food which can provide their huge body with enough nutrition.For example, an African elephant sleeps only for 3 hours a day and spend most of its time on eating or finding food.In addition, regardless of their size, if the animals’ staple food is a high-calorie one, they can also feed less and slumber more. Platypusesthat eat crustacean for meals sleep more than 14 hours a day even though they are small, because just a little crustacean meal packs a huge caloric punch which means they do not need to save energy.
Furthermore, temperature of their habitats also has influence on the sleeping patterns of animals. When the temperature is extremely high or low, many animals protect themselves by sleeping. There are many kinds of animal who fall in sleep called hibernation during the extremely cold weather.Insects, reptiles, amphibians and fish are called cold-blooded animals. They do not have ability to maintain their body temperature when the outside temperature changes. However, when the frigid weather comes the temperature falls under zero and it is difficult for cold-blooded animals to survive if their body temperature matches to exterior situation. Therefore, they find their own dens...

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