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Things That Will Help You Through College

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Things that will Help you through College

Many people believe being a college student is easy, but it is not. I was one of those people, before I started college. After starting college, I realized that it was nothing like I thought it was going to be. I had to learn how to manage my time wisely, pay attention in class, be on time to every class, do things that are hardest first, and ask for help when needed. How can I be successful, if I do not do these things?
Managing my time was the hardest for me to do. I have to keep a house clean, take care of two dogs, write letters to my husband, and find time to study. I decided that it was best to clean my house in the morning, and do my studying in the afternoon. I would take the dogs out in between cleaning and studying. Before getting ready for bed, I would write my letters to my husband. Having a schedule is better then trying to cram everything in at one time.

Paying attention and taking notes will help me get better grades. If I do not do these things in class, I will not be able to pass. It is very important to know what to do so that I do it right the first time. For instance, I have an assignment due by Thursday.
How will I know what to do on it if I was not paying attention?
Many people are tardy. I have learned since I have started college that if I was to be tardy three time it counts as an absent. I have only been tardy once, and I try to be on time. After being absent so many days that affects my GPA, and I...

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