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Things To Do In Kanpur Essay

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Kanpur was formerly known as Cawnpore and is considered to be one of the oldest cities in Northern part of India with a heavy influence on Industry. Being an old city, it is but obvious that Kanpur has the old world charm complete with magnificent historical monuments and gardens. Being an industry based city it is used to it’s own hustle and bustle. However, being placed next to the sacred river Ganges, it is also considered to be a place of tranquility, where people travel in order to get some peace of mind.
Kanpur is a famous tourist destination for its strategic location. It is located amidst the 2 sacred rivers – Ganga and Yamuna. It is also famous for its flourishing leather, textile and engineering industry that have been prevailing for decades. Moreover, Kanpur is famous for being home to prestigious educational institute called IIT Kanpur. In fact, one can easily introduce the city by saying that it has the best of all worlds- a bit of history, religion, education and industry. As a result, there are various tourist destinations ranging from gardens, zoo’s to forts for tourists to visit. That’s not all; adjoining places of Kanpur like Jajmau and Bithoor are known to have mythological importance as well. In terms of history, once can understand the importance of Kanpur by the fact that the revolt of 1857 hailed from this place.
What are the things to do in Kanpur?
As a tourist destination a couple of days is enough for one to cover all the things to be seen in Kanpur. Being primarily an industrial hub it is but obvious that it is filled with various industries. As a tourist there are certain spots that is must see like the JK Temple and the world famous Jain Temple made with Glass. If you have a historical bent of mind, then you can see the historic artifacts at Jajmau that has been excavated a few decades earlier. If you want to see the Brittish influence on the city, then you can visit the All Souls Church where post the Bibighar massacre, the dead were buried.
If you want to shop in Kanpur, then you must try their leather products. If you have a sweet tooth, then try their Gujia from a sweet shop. It is a Kanpur delicacy and a must have for all. In fact, being a dry sweet one can easily carry back the Gujia home for relatives and friends. Besides, “paan” and “chaat” are a must have delicacies of Kanpur. You are sure to relish the taste for long even after you left Kanpur.
Places to Visit:
Phoolbagan for nature lovers: If you are addicted to nature then do not miss out on the Phool bagan. Located at the heart of the city on Mall road it is a must see tourist destination. This old park flaunts the Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi Memorial Hall and the famous Ganesh udyan building. Various cultural fests are known to take place at this park throughout the year. The Ganesh Udyan was set up way back post the First World War as an orthopedic hospital. Now, these centrally located places are used for public meetings. The park is also known to house...

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