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Things To Keep In Mind While Filling Online Forms For Voter Id Card Bangalore And Rajasthan.

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People who had missed the opportunity to cast a vote in the forgone assembly elections must be looking forward to the Lok Sabha elections in order to make their opinion count and not letting go the opportunity to do so in these elections. So here is our word of caution to such people who would be applying for voter registration and voter id card Bangalore and voter id card Rajasthan. Let us enlighten you about some strict do’s and don'ts while filling online forms.

Things to avoid before applying.

If you are applying for inclusion of your name in the voters’ list of your constituency, you should strictly make sure that you are not a registered voter in another constituency i.e you should not have your name in the electoral roll of more than 1 constituency.

Another thing which you should keep in mind before applying for a Voter ID Bangalore and Rajasthan is that you should not already be possessing a voter id card. Possession of more than one Voter ID Cards is also a punishable offence just like it is to be a registered voter in two constituencies.

Things to keep in mind while applying for Voter ID Card Bangalore and Rajasthan.

You should keep all your important documents ready with at least two self-attested photocopies of each document.

The documents you need to keep aside are:-

1). Documents for address proof. For example:- Electricity Bill, Bank Statements etc

2). Age proof documents. For example:- Birth certificate issued by the Civic Body of your state or Secondary Examination Mark sheet etc.

3). Two recent passport size photographs.

These are the documents you would be required to upload on the Election Office Website while filling your online form for Voter ID Card Rajasthan and Voter ID Card Bangalore.

This is not all, there are some specific things related to your application and documents that you must pay heed to. You should try and make sure that there are no spelling mistakes while specifying your personal details like name, address and age. Along with this, you must also remember to fill in all the mandatory details signified by (*). These mistakes may act as...

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