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Things We Can Do To Put Our Youth Back On Track

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Our teens are in trouble there are so many violent crimes involving our teens; we need to focus on what we can do to help get them back on track. Our teens are our future. You have to admit; that’s a scary thought right now the way things are today. It has got to the point where every time you turn on the news or open a newspaper; there’s another teen killed by another teen. We need to focus on why these young teens are committing such violent crimes. We need to ask ourselves why they are doing this. What do they need to help slow down their violence towards others and themselves? Take a good look around your area; is there a place for your teenager to go to after school, a place where they ...view middle of the document...

In my local paper “the Worcester county messenger-Delmarva now” has a headline of “ a teenager charged with homicide” I feel could have been prevented if he had a place to go to when he was younger; so that he would have learned how to deal with his anger. I know every ones situation is different. I also know we cannot save all our teenagers, but if we can save 1 out of every 10. Then we can actually say we accomplished a contributed to helping our teenagers become better citizens and in return they will be able to do the same for the teenagers to come. Here are my thoughts to the solution right in our own community and in other communities as well. First you need to just be there for your own teen; just listen to them. Do not be so judgmental; always remember you were once a teenager think about how you felt and what you wanted when you were a teenager. Think of how much you did not tell your parents. We need to be there for our teens when they get up and before they go to bed just to be able to comfort them guide them in the right direction but do not limit them to what you want them to do. We also need to come together as a community and provide a place for our teens to go to after school. That place needs to have athletics like basketball volley things that they can burn off that extra energy. We also need counselors that teens can trust and go to with problems they really do not want to talk to their parents about. Have movie night where parents and teens can go to spend one on one time together. Also have different ones come in and talk about their...

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