Things You Need To Know About Content Marketing Before You Get Started

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I started working as a Web Content Writer in 2010, wherein we read and spin news for publishing. It took me a couple of months to learn that what we’re doing is actually article spinning and NOT content writing. After more than a year of working as an article spinner, I was hired by an SEO company. This is where I came across creating original, relevant and valuable content, as well as Content Marketing.
Content Marketing Defined
If you check the Internet, you’ll see various definitions of Content Marketing. But to put it simply, it is the process of disseminating your brand’s message across the World Wide Web to leverage your company’s online presence, attract new customers, and retain ...view middle of the document...

You can do the same by having a corporate blog on your website.
In case you haven’t notice, what usually top the search engine ranking pages are blog posts related to your search queries. That’s because search engine robots loves to crawl the World Wide Web and index fresh, relevant and valuable content. Hence, the more you publish posts that are original and helpful on your blog, the more likely that search bots will index it based on relevant keywords. As a result, your content will appear on SERPs.
Another way that Content Marketing can help leverage your brand’s online presence is through incorporating Social Media Marketing. A shareable content enables Internet users to spread your message through various social media networks; and the more it is shared, the more people get to learn what your company is all about.
Attract New Customers
Many companies go for Content Marketing because it is a cheap but effective way of getting their message across to their potential customers. However, it more than just putting a product page—complete with image and description—on your website. It is all about telling your readers that they need help and explaining how you can help them.
Moreover, this strategy allows you...

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