Consider The Arguments For Prefabrication In Relation To House Building And Discuss Some Of The Problems That House Builders Face When Developing And Implementing House Building Systems.

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IntroductionThis essay aims to look at how prefabrication has affected house building. In order to do this, the essay shall cover the arguments for and against prefabrication. To achieve this, various aspects shall be covered in finding out how prefabrication has affected the housing industry and how its perceived by the public, and industry alike.This essay aims to discuss the arguments for and against the use of prefabrication as a house building system. The essay will explore how prefabrication has formed, what it involves, and how it's perceived in the construction industry.PrefabricationPrefabrication means that all the elements are produced in clean, dry production plants. It's then taken to a construction site in a vehicle - protected from the weather - and assembled right away. The technique began after World War I in response to a housing shortage. It allowed a steady speed of erection, far quicker than traditional methods - within days, a new home could be watertight and airtight."There is only 1 solution to the problems of post-war housing - it can be expressed in 3 words - use the machine." 6This method of construction, was hoped, that it would overcome the inefficiencies of traditional construction. It came about by the belief, that housing could be mass produced with all the benefits this enrolled in terms of cost, improved quality, and above all, considering post war demand, rapid production.Prefabrication in the UKThis technique has been applied to urban housing for more than a century now. In the UK however, the majority of homes are still constructed using traditional methods. But within the last few years there has been an increase in the use of prefabricated homes. This driven by a range of factors including demands for faster construction and skills shortages.In total about one million prefabricated homes were built during the 20th century, many of which were designed to be temporary. However, problems arose over the quality of building materials and poor workmanship, leading to negative public attitudes towards prefabrication. 7Disadvantages of prefabrication"In a market survey during the early 1990s, the most common reason why respondents might not use system building was the concern about design limitations." 1In the past, prefab homes would be considered dull and regarded as off the peg products. And looking at a few offered by some manufacturers, it tends to confirm this stereotype. Hooking up a bunch of 4x8 panels can leave a pretty boxy finished product. The problem was that customers resisted the blocky style that tended to be the result of prefabrication - it didn't give them the individuality and value they craved in there homes. Customers wanted more choice, which prefabrication didn't offer. 4However prefabricated houses now come more in a variety of shapes and sizes. Modern prefab houses are designed by specialists to fulfil owners' wishes. These days, a house buyer can influence almost all design aspects of her...

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