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Think Before Speaking Essay

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The author George Orwell earned a reputation for standing apart and making a virtue of his detachment. In 1948, he created an image of communist Russia in the form of animals. Orwell’s book, Animal Farm, depicts this huge allegory. Animal Farm tells the story of a farmer overthrown by his animals who then take over the farm. The animals want an anti-human-like society with equality for all. When the pigs become more and more like humans with a social hierarchy, the farm’s society is destroyed. The ignorance of other animals leads to the pigs’ oppressing others. The author Will Rogers once stated, “When ignorance gets started it has no bounds.” The ignorance of a horse, a donkey, and the sheep play an enormous part in their suppression by the pigs in Animal Farm.
When a horse named Benjamin becomes unaware of actions going on on the farm he tends to lean on the leader Napoleon’s opinions for support. After the animals were slaughtered, Boxer said, “I do not understand it. I would have believed that such things could happen on our farm. It must be due to some fault in ourselves. The solution, as I see it, is to work harder.” (Orwell 85). By ignoring the fact that many of his fellow animals were harmed, Boxer is showing that he does not understand the reason of the slaughtering. The real reason for the animals being killed is because of them opposing the pigs. The pigs could simply execute additional animals for a second time without Boxer and other animals not knowing the motive. A different time Boxer shows that he lacks knowledge is when he only takes Napoleon’s opinion as an answer to difficult questions. Boxer states, “If Comrade Napoleon says it, it must be right.” (Orwell 56). This is Boxer’s response towards eliminating all debates on Sundays. Rather than using his own brain Boxer is leaning on Napoleon’s opinion about Sunday debates. Boxer is not stating his judgment on Sunday debates. The ignorance did not just lie in Boxer but also in one a donkey named Benjamin.
The hens’ ignorance was also a factor in the oppression of the pigs. The hens were told they were going to have to give up their eggs. “When the hens heard this, they raised a terrible outcry…they had be warned…this was a sacrifice…they protested that to take the eggs away now was murder…He (Napoleon) ordered the hens’ rations to be stopped and decreed that any animal giving so much as a grain of corn to a hen should be punished by death…for five days the hens held out; then they capitulated and went back to their nesting boxes” (Orwell 76). Once, the hens gave up on their first attempted rebellion they did not try to stop Napoleon’s actions EVER again. The hens showed that the pigs were the superior...

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