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Think Before You Eat Essay

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While the world’s underfed population has declined slightly since 1980 to 1.1 billion, the number of overweight people has surged to 1.1 billion. (-) The world’s population obesity rates are not decreasing, the rates are increasing rapidly. The amount of bad food the population is consuming has affected the nation’s obesity rates, and there should be stop to this epidemic.” The percentage of obese adults has more than doubled over the last 30 years.”(Bad Food? Tax it, and Subsidize Vegetables). Obesity is a fast growing epidemic that we as a nation need to find ways to fight it and put a stop to the rapidly growing rates. “The rising epidemic of overweight and obesity at all ages.”(Attacking the Obesity Epidemic). Obesity doesn’t just affect adults it also affects children at a young ages. The reason for this epidemic is because the nation doesn’t consume variations of good food, the food that we as a nation choose to consume is mostly bad and unhealthy foods.

Advertisement is extremely important to companies or fast food restaurants because that is the way companies and fast food restaurants get the product out there in society to be seen so the product can sell. Companies will spend up to billions of dollars in commercials, billboards, social media any type of advertisement for the products the company sells every year. “McDonald’s spend about 1.4 billion dollars in advertisement a year.”(Super Size Me) Companies will use television commercials as a way to advertise for small children and young adults. “The health food companies only spend about 2 million in their advertisement.”(Super Size Me) Fast food restaurants target young children and young adults because children are more vulnerable to what is seen on commercials.
Do people sometime sit and wonder what is really in the foods that are consumed by them every day? The people should take the time and ask question, ask questions about the food they feed their children and themselves. The food that the nation is just consuming and not asking question is going to affect us in the future, it is not good for the nation’s health. Companies don’t care how the food should be produced the way companies want their product to be made is faster, cheaper, and bigger. Companies don’t want to take the time to grow and bread the food the way it should be grown and breaded. “It used to take 3 months for a chicken to...

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