Think Big: Unleashing Your Potential For Excellence

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Think Big: Unleashing Your Potential for Excellence, is an inspirational book written by Ben Carson. Carson starts the book by telling the readers about the history of his life. He continues to narrate, how he made it through hard work and perseverance and introduces the audience to his mentors, and how they influenced his life. The second half of the book is now the core of his writing as he uses the acronym Think Big in explaining his success. In addition, he explains to the readers on how to focus a journey to success.
Ben Carson wrote this book as a motivation and an encouragement to his readers. The book encourages people to keep on going despite the circumstances. Ben Carson talks ...view middle of the document...

Be prescribes his personal formula of success to the readers by spelling his philosophy of living through the acronym, Think Big.
The most important and helpful part of this book to me was knowing that, I had potential to be whoever I want to be in life. Be Carson had an illiterate mother and his classmates saw him as stupid because he was always the last position in class. However, despite all this hardships, he struggled and rose up from all these as an outstanding student with amazing accomplishments, because he realized that he had potential to make it in life. Dr. Carson gives the young people a road map to success by achieving their career goals. Ben Carson helps young learners to know that they have potential, and they can move to success by dedicating their time in reading, and not just reading but reading good books, being honest and hoping for good things in future. He adds that, one has to identify his/her talent, recognize those talents as gifts, get insight from the people around him/her, and be nice to all people and this will lead to success. Carson puts a lot of emphasis on reading, and reading good books. Carson writes, “Education is the only way you’re ever going to escape poverty.” This part is important to every reader because, Ben himself proved this through his life. His family was poor, and he was able to make it as a famous neurosurgeon because of his success in education.
Dr. Carson’s book is credibly moving and useful in our everyday’s life. Carson perfectly portrays how our childhood can be influenced by what we hear especially positive messages, which uplifts. Ben Carson advocates for humility, reading, being honest, being courteous, working hard and having respect.
Ben Carson writes, “Students who excel academically, read...

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