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Think Earth First & Speak Up
“Choice is yours, put a stop to the drop!”

• Name of event: Think Earth First & Speak Up

• Slogan: “Choice is yours, put a stop to the drop!”

• Purpose/ objective: To inform the students about the changes in the environment and teaching them methods on how they can make a difference and leadership roles they can take on to help

• Theme: Going Green And Helping The Environment

• What: A full day event held to about environmental issues and leadership roles that will assist these issue.

• Where: At Cameron Heights Colligate Institute in the cafeteria

• When: June 5th 2014, during environment week and on World Environment Day

• Why: To ...view middle of the document...

I think that this is a perfect tittle because it incorporates both the environment component of the event and the leadership aspect of the event. The purpose of this event is to inform everyone about the environmental changes that we are facing globally. Everyone around the world is facing climate change. Many issues related to global warming and climate change will be discussed. This event is all about teaching the audience how to make decisions that they feel are justified and carry them out. A leader is someone who makes the final decision based on various things (input from other, looking over the benefits and what they feel is most beneficial for everyone). The objective of this event is to get everyone excited about the environment and have the urge to want to help by influencing others by their choices and actions. This specific event not only will teach them about the environment; however, also about how they can make a difference. Leadership opportunities such as environmental leadership clubs will be discussed in depth to teach the audience about the options that they have available to help. The audience will understand that many leadership roles exist in the environment and that they can contribute in many ways.

2) The main theme of this event is going green and helping the environment. This slogan for the event is “Choice is yours, put a stop to the drop!” This theme is an appropriate theme for the targeted audience because it matches their interests. Since the targeted audience are students who have passion or are interested about the environment and students who are curious and want to expand their knowledge related to this topic. This theme is an appropriate them because it relates to not only the targeted audience, but it also relates to the guest speaker and his topic. The theme is a very easy understanding theme, which the audience will quickly perceive.

3) Advertising
There are numerous methods that this event will be advertised by. All advertisement for this event will begin on May 26th. First, information about the event will be placed on the charity blurb advertising the event. Since the event will be held on Thursday June 5th 2014, during environment week and on World Environment Day, advertisements will begin two weeks ahead of the event. Charity blurb for information about the event will be put out on May 26th and then the next Monday (week of event), which is June 2nd. I believe this method will be very effective because the students will hear about the event twice; therefore, reinforcing the event in their minds. Next posters will be hung up around the school. Posters painting session will be taking place on Monday, May 26th; therefore, the posters should be finished and hung up around the school. Both 8x11’ and posters advertising this event will be up on Monday, May 26th. A big banner advertising this event should be hung up in the main foyer. This location is a very busy place where many people will see it and...

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