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Think, Exist, And Evolve Vegetarian Essay

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A school of salmon make their way upstream, wading within the natural flow of the river. Their once crystal clear waters are now polluted; polluted by all the waste and rubbish displaced into their society. Their habitat is disrupted, their niche is offset, and their ecosystem is now ruined. Like their waters, our judgment and our senses are now muddled by the pollutants of the food industry and their influence on our food consumption. “Our task must be to free ourselves […] by widening our circles of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty.” (Albert Einstein). In order to maintain earth and all of its humanity, society may want to consider evolving to a vegetarian diet, or at least that’s what Albert Einstein believed. In the rawest form, vegetarianism can be described as the exclusion of meat from ones diet. According to “The Case against a Vegetarian Diet”, found within the article Vegetarianism, some may argue that meat is a vital essential to human health based on the evidence that vegetarians have a higher risk of vitamin B12 and iron deficiencies; however , a vegetarian diet, if managed properly, may pose more health benefits than risks. Over the years such a custom has become more popular. There are many reasons why one may decide to follow this code of ethics; however, the most common include: moral, religious, or health related reasons.
Morally, one may feel obligated to exercise vegetarianism due to the inhumane treatment of animals throughout the food production process. The United States has a large population to cater to and the issue is that countless numbers of animals are raised for food consumption alone. Animals such as cows, chickens, pigs, and turkeys are subjected to entrapment and confinement, less than sanitary living conditions and mutilation for the purposes of efficiency. Cows and pigs, from birth, are placed in narrow stalls where there is no room to turn around or even lay down (Grandin and Johnson). These animals’ daily lives consist of eating and overeating until it is time to be slaughtered. Thousands and thousands of egg-laying hens are packed in cages, chicken crates, and coops. These animals are so densely packed that it is hard to distinguish between those that are living and dead. Diseases spread rapidly in such confined quarters; consequently, this is one of the more prominent factors that contribute to unsanitary living conditions. The discomfort experienced by these animals leads to them being mutilated. According to video investigations conducted by the PETA organization, the chickens that try to peck have their beaks cut; the chickens that try to fly have their wings clipped; the cows and pigs that lose mobility, as a result of limb atrophy, due to the stationary lifestyle experienced in stall confinement, are beaten. Animal mutilation, in most extreme cases, often leads to death. These farming practices are inhumane. The most common arguments that blindly...

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