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Think Of A Situation You Have Encountered Or Have Heard Of In Which There Were In Groups And Out Groups

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*Describe a few of the groups.*What traits account for the groups falling into each category?*What types of influences did those groups have on their members?In-Group and Out-Groups: Everyone wants to belongEveryone at some point in their lives have been apart of a "group". It may have been the "in-crowd" or the "out-siders" but you belong or were associated with one. With every group, there is a certain role to play, and/or privileges/disadvantages that goes along with it. Sometimes, there is a strain on the individual that is not accounted for. For example the football player in high school or college. He is expected to win games all the time, he is popular, has lots female attention, when he just really wants to be to himself and expand his mind beyond football. With the in-groups and the out-groups, each member feels loyalty and pride for being where they are. Those in the out-groups may even have moments of feeling envy because they think that is would be much easier in life if they were in the "in-group".The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition describes an in-group as "A group of people united by common beliefs, attitudes, or interests and characteristically excluding outsiders; a clique " and the out-group "A group of people excluded from or not belonging to one's own group, especially when viewed as subordinate or contemptibly different". Within these groups, there are most times cases of ethnocentrism which can be more brutal than anyone would expect. I think both groups are looking for the age old social identity.Groupthink, (Irving Janis 1972), "a mode of thinking that people engage in when they are deeply involved in a cohesive in-group, when the members' striving for unanimity override their motivation..." can compound everyone's way of being within each group. Within the "in-group and out-group" there is evidence of groupthink. For instance, the illusion of invulnerability, once in the group nothing can go wrong for...

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