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Think Of The Kids Essay

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44% of children in the United States care for themselves after school with no adult supervision, and 22% in Arizona (“Afterschool Programs Help”). This is risky, especially with peer pressure increasing each day. Peer Pressure is defined as “a subjective experience of feeling pressured, urged or dared by others to do certain things or actually doing particular things because others have pressured, urged or dared one to” (McKay). In most schools or communities, there are after school programs or day cares. They are there for the parents benefit; children should not watch themselves, and they need to keep busy with wholesome activities, which after school activities provide. For example, VIK, which stands for Very Important Kid. This is a program that is offered in the morning before school, and in the afternoon after school. I was able to volunteer with VIK in the afternoon, and see what the children thought of the program, because a common misconception is that children do not like them and have a miserable time. In the VIK program at Augusta Ranch Elementary School, there were 193 students enrolled in the morning and afternoon sessions combined. I think after school programs should be utilized more frequently in a family with working parents. From what I observed, the kids loved being there, and it was easy to make friends. I was able to play with many of the kids; they played a marble game, they played with Legos, and we all went outside on the playgrounds. When it was time, we helped clean up the toys. It was a very positive experience. Parents should always check out a program before they sign their child up, but most of them are reliable and want the best for the children. It does cost money, as most things do, but it is a small price to pay to know that your child is safe from the world and in a safe and wholesome environment. Studies have found that after school hours are when children are most vulnerable, and when the most juvenile crime is committed. Although after school programs cost money, they are beneficial to children’s learning and social growth.
The VIK program is in Gilbert Public Schools, and is held at the school. They help the kids academically as well as socially. The annual fee is $50 for registration, and for the mornings it is $10 per day or $42.50 per week, which this also includes breakfast. If a child is only going after school it is $14.50 per day or $61.60 per week, which includes a snack. For both before and after school care it is $20.80 per day or $85.25 per week, which includes breakfast and snack (“VIK Club (Very Important Kid)”). Along with the child care, the parents find it easier to keep their job. 60% of parents say they missed less work and 79% said it helped them keep their job (“Afterschool Programs Help”). Rather than leaving their kids at home to tend to themselves, they were being watched by trained directors and volunteers to help the kids. 86% of parents are satisfied with the after school...

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