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Thinking Critically SimulationWith the introduction of management-driven protocols, employees have been empowered to independently evaluate problems and make choice decisions. That level of practice requires the employee to process a great deal of information about the problem, to make decisions about appropriate actions to initiate, to assess the effectiveness of the actions, and to implement necessary changes to the key plan. To effectively complete that process, employees must possess the proficiency to think critically and to make appropriate decisions. Good decision making involves the integration of personal and social values with facts. Decision-making skills can successfully be integrated into business operations as part of managements' attempts to restructure and revitalize America's business. This paper summarizes the Critical Thinking and Decision-Making Simulation, to include which tools were used to make decisions, and how the application of the critical thinking components affect decision making. Also discussed are the four key points from the reading assignments emphasized in the simulation, and how the concepts of critical thinking and decision making can be applied to the workplace.Simulation SummaryThe Critical Thinking and Decision Making simulation places you, the user in a situation where you must identify the problem in the business, develop solutions, and evaluate the underlying rationale for these solutions (Critical Thinking and Decision Making Simulation, 2005). You applied for the Thorough-Cred management development program with Credenhill Industries. Through this program, three managers are placed in charge of different Credenhill businesses for a five month period. Linda James, one of the top entrepreneurs of the times, will guide, mentor, provide her inputs, and will ultimately evaluate your performance. You are placed as Store Manager in a Credenhill consumer electronics store in Dallas, Texas. Your store is faced with problems ranging from falling sales, to the threat of legal action from the city council for violating disability access laws (Critical Thinking and Decision Making Simulation, 2005).Decision Making StepsAccording to the decision-making steps as outlined in the diagram above, you must first frame the problem. By evaluating the issues facing the store and analyzing the information available, you must decide which problems are real, and then evaluate each based on urgency and criticality. The perceived problems are listed below (Critical Thinking and Decision Making Simulation, 2005):* Declining sales* Employee attrition* Legal action* Inventory* Product mix* Manager's domineering attitude* Variable pay* The WANUsing the decision-making tool, cause-and-effect diagrams, you determine that the critical and urgent problems are the product mix, the new store, and variable pay. The Wan is considered urgent but non-critical, while the pending legal action is determined non-urgent...

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Thinking Critically Simulation. Essay

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910 words - 4 pages . Washington, DC:ANA.Institute of Medicine. (2000). To err is human: Building a safer health system. Washington, DC:National Academy Press. Retrieved January 19, 2006 Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. (2001). Front line ofdefense: The role of nurses in preventing sentinel events. Chicago, IL: JCAHO.Ohio Right to Life, 2002, Quick facts, Retrieved on January 21, 2006 from, V.R. (1997). Thinking critically about ethical issues. Mountain View, California:Mayfield.

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