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The introduction of management-driven protocols has empowered employees to independently evaluate problems and make tough decisions. This requires appropriate action on the part of the manager to process large amounts of information about the problem, make decisions on how to initiate, assess the effectiveness of the actions, and implement necessary changes to the key plan. Critical thinking is the key in effectively completing that process. Good decision -making skills can successfully be integrated into business operations as part of managements' attempts to restructure and revitalize America's business.This paper will summarize Critical Thinking Simulation, to include tools used to make decisions and how the components affect decision making. It will also discuss the four key points from the simulation assignment and how the concepts of critical thinking and decision making can be applied to the workplace. The Critical Thinking Simulation places the user in a situation where the problems must be identified in the business, develop solutions, and evaluate the underlying basis for these solutions (Critical Thinking Simulation, 2007).Credenhill IndustriesIn the simulation, Credenhill Industries has a developmental program opening know as Thorough-Cred management. Through this program, three managers are placed in charge of different Credenhill businesses for a five month period. Linda James, the founder-CEO, will guide, mentor, provide input, and ultimately evaluate performances. The store chosen in this simulation for management is Credenhill Consumer Electronics in Dallas, Texas. The store is faced with problems ranging from falling sales, to the threat of legal action from the city council for violating disability access laws (Critical Thinking Simulation, 2007).According to the decision-making steps as outlined above, the problem must first be framed. During the evaluation process of the simulation, decisions have to be made as to what problem is most important based on urgency. The perceived problems are declining sales, employee attrition, legal action, inventory, product mix; variable pay and WAN. The WAN using the decision-making tool of cause-and-effect diagram, determine that the critical and urgent problems are the product mix, the new store, and variable pay. The WAN is considered urgent but non-critical, while the pending legal action is determined non-urgent due to the 90 day time period but is still a critical issue. The other perceived problems are effects of the actual problems.The next step in this process is to identify causes of the problem, framing alternatives, evaluating the impacts of the alternatives, and finally making a decision. In the simulation if the choice is made to become more competitive with the new store, then product mix would change by hiking promotional expenditures, reorient the product mix, and offer large discounts on overstocked inventory. The variable pay issue would be met by recommending a new pay...

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539 words - 2 pages creates change and evolution.ReferencesDefiningCritical Thinking. (2013). Retrieved from, J. W. (2012). Thinking Critically about Critical Thinking. EducationalPhilosophy & Theory, 44(5), 464-479. doi:10.1111/j.1469-5812.2010.00673.xSchroyens, W. (2005). Review of 'Knowledge and Thought: An Introduction to CriticalThinking'. Experimental Psychology, 52(2), 163-164. doi:10.1027/1618-3169.52.2.163

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