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Thinking Critically Simulation ReviewMGT350IntroductionGeorge Bernard Shaw once said that, "the function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically... Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education" (Critically Quotes & Quotations). Thinking critically involves many steps in deciding what is the desired outcome, how it will affect everything or everyone involved, and what will change after the decision is made. Throughout this paper the problem evaluation tools and techniques that were used during the simulation, how the techniques assist with the evaluation of decision making processes, what outcomes were reached during the simulation and what changes in individuals decision making techniques would have generated better results will be discussed.Problem Evaluation Tools and TechniquesAlthough a variety of tools were used, the most prominent in the simulation was importance weighing. From the beginning of the simulation, we weighted the importance of different factors affecting the electronics store. These factors were broken in to four categories; critical-urgent, critical-non-urgent, non-critical-urgent and non-critical-non-urgent. This was the basis for the rest of the simulation where determination would be made as to how each problem would be addressed, or solved, if at all. The next phase of the simulation included brainstorming. In order to determine what solutions would best fit each problem, we were required to think through different scenarios and come up with potential solutions. In order to properly complete this phase, visualizing was also used to place each solution into the mechanics of the problem and apply critical thinking to determine if the solution would work. The use of these tools did work, however it was determined that along with these a different approach may have been taken. If this were a real situation, we would suggest that a visit to the other retail store be made to see what types of promotions and marketing techniques are in use that may help in gaining ground with the current standings of the store.During the simulation, tools were identified and used that would fit the problem as a whole. As we have learned from our text, many times each problem needs its own set of solution tools (Richard Paul, 2006). In a real situation, the problem solving tools and techniques will still be applied, but instead of being applied to the problem as a whole, each problem will be broken down and solved using the tools that best fit its context. In addition, in order to solve the problem of staff loss, morale and customer loss due to lack of product variety, market trend research will be used. It is in the best interest of any manager to prepare ahead of time for the loss or potential loss of key employees (Crum, 2008). Through market research, the store will be able to determine up front if trends in consumer spending are changing. Pay...

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910 words - 4 pages . Washington, DC:ANA.Institute of Medicine. (2000). To err is human: Building a safer health system. Washington, DC:National Academy Press. Retrieved January 19, 2006 Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. (2001). Front line ofdefense: The role of nurses in preventing sentinel events. Chicago, IL: JCAHO.Ohio Right to Life, 2002, Quick facts, Retrieved on January 21, 2006 from, V.R. (1997). Thinking critically about ethical issues. Mountain View, California:Mayfield.

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