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Thinner Essay

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Billy Halleck is an obese man, but also a successful lawyer. Though his life is changed forever when he is charged for vehicular manslaughter when he hits a gypsy woman while being given a hand job by his wife (Heidi Halleck). Though he was able to avoid jail time thanks to the local police chief and the standing judge-both whom happen to be close friends of Billy- "taking it easy" on him. Upon leaving the courthouse, the gypsy woman's ancient father gently stroked his cheek and whispered one word- "thinner". This worried Halleck, though the startled feeling didn't linger, as he began losing weight rapidly- much to the joy of his family who were enjoying the fact that he was becoming healthier- or so they thought. Though when many days had passed, he noticed that his weight loss was irregular, and that he had been cursed. He also discovered that the judge that called the biased trial had been cursed to grow scales and the police chief was cursed with horrible acne. He knew the only way to stop the curse was to locate the gypsy troupe and call upon the older gypsy man to remove the curse. He called upon the services of an old client-and mafia figure- Richard Ginelli to help him. Ginelli quickly replied, helping Halleck find the gypsy man and remove the curse. Though it doesn't end with the curse simply being "lifted", the old gypsy man transfers the spirit of the curse into a pie, and tells Halleck to feed it to somebody quickly before it returns to him. Feeling vengeful towards his wife for trying to admit him to an insane asylum for "blabbering" about a gypsy curse, and for ultimately causing the whole accident to occur, he leaves the pie out one night for her to eat. On this night his daughter, who he loved dearly, was away. He awakes in the morning to find his wife dead, and two plates in the sink. He assumes his daughter has eaten the pie, and feeling guilt and sorrow, takes a piece for himself.The main issue of this novel is the curse placed upon Billy Halleck by the gypsy man out of vengeance and what he goes through to remove it before it kills him. Many relationships were made and broke throughout this process. The first relationship that was blatantly clear in the story was the love and affection shared between Billy and Heidi Halleck, sadly the loving relationship is what ended up costing them their relationship, and creating many more for Billy, which most of shared hatred. The relationship between the two also created the major issue in the plot. This also created another relationship between the ancient gypsy man and Billy Halleck. There's obviously hatred traded between the two, Billy after all did kill the man's daughter. When Billy brings his old client onto his side in this relationship and they start threatening more of the gypsy man's family so he will lift the curse, they end up unwillingly working together for a short time to rid of the curse. Though to lift the curse, Billy is forced to destroy the already crumbling...

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