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Third Crusade Essay

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The Third Crusade
The third crusade consisted of the major religions Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The Muslim population over ran every other religion in the holy city of Jerusalem. They began to attack the infidels or Christians they could have attack the Jewish people too however what I have it doesn’t say they did now going back the first crusade the crusade is the counter attack the Christian people did to the Muslims because the constant attack they did on Christians the Christians got sick of it and called for Brittan to help. So the third crusade consisted of four leaders Saladin of the Muslim people, King Richard I of England, Pope Gregory VIII and the not well known King ...view middle of the document...

Any way pope Gregory VIII put the English king Richard in charge of the expedition. The king of France came as well yes King Philip II joined to fight sultan Saladin and his army. The knight that went to crusade didn’t do it for the money they went of the crusade to fight for Christ and his church rather than using the knights for cruel punishment (Bouchard, 184) to attack the Muslims because lets face it the knights back then were really harsh.
While this is happening Islamic armies already conquered Syria, Asia Minor, Egypt, North Africa and Spain. I think the crusaders have their work cut out for them and the king of France was fighting in the Third Crusade because during the first crusade the Islamic armies marched into France and there march was halted by the Frankish leader Charles Martel (Bouchard, 184). So you can see why the king of France king Philip II help fight the Third Crusade. Be for the knights joined the crusade they had to listen to a priest or monk telling them the plan of the holy land and the job they had to do when they got there to protect the Christians at the end of the deployment the volunteers went up on the alter to receive a cross...

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