Third Culture Kids: The Advantages Of Raising A Family Abroad

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A Third Culture Kid (TCK) is defined by Drs. John and Ruth Useem as “Someone who, as a child, has spent a significant period of time in one or more culture(s) other than [his/her] own, this integrating elements of those cultures and their own birthday culture into a third culture”. As a TCK myself I believe that moving abroad is the opportunity of a lifetime that will enrich the lives of all family members, especially in a family that have school aged children. With benefits ranging from family bonding, problem solving, integration, getting to understand the world, new experiences, personality development, strong education and language skills, there are so many advantages for raising ...view middle of the document...

There is an emphasis on language skill development as well as understanding cultural and social traditions of the new “home” culture, allowing a diverse respect and passion for the exchange of traditions that the families tend to introduce into their own celebrations. Another benefit of the International School culture is the ability to travel to other schools and countries as part of social, academics and athletics, making it a very small world. Each school is in a conference that competes athletically holding tournaments in different countries, bringing together student athletes cross continentally providing unique experiences to meet new people and be exposed to new cultures all while being in a safe environment. Academic, social and service opportunities are constantly available with Model UN, International Thespian Society, International Choir and Bands, Habitat for Humanity both in the home country and internationally and provide a melting pot of TCK who build friendships that span well beyond traditional cultural, social and language barriers.
Growing up as a Cultural Chameleon has defined who I am as an adult, I was blessed with this unique...

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