Third Grade Difficulties Essay

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When I was in the third grade I felt as if I didn’t fit in anywhere. During the third grade I always felt very different than the other kids. I remember begging my mom not to make me go to school because I didn’t want to feel out of place. I had gone to three different schools before going to East Somerville Community School. My parents were trying to find the town that had the best education system. I didn’t move for my parents job or anything like that, just simply to go to a better school. I normally didn’t have a problem making new friends, I usually made a bunch of friends just on the first day. I usually adapted to the school easily.

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Even with my closest friends I felt like an outsider. I always thought they could do many things I couldn’t. Like make new friends without trying and I had to try hard to make friends. They were really good at dance and gymnastics, and I have no coordination whatsoever. While all my friends were having sleepovers with their BFF’s I was at home alone worrying that I would never fit in.

I never had a particular group I stayed with. I had been to three different schools by the time I was in third grade. I had to meet and adapt to being in a new environment. I never kept in touch with my friends from the previous years. Normally it was easy for me to meet new friends and have fun with them. This year was different, it was harder for me.

I never knew why I didn’t fit in. I always tried so hard to be like everyone else but as I got older, I found myself making a lot of new friends and not worrying so much about being an outsider. I realized that being different was a good thing and its not always a good thing to be just like everyone else.

Imagining now how an immigrant would feel moving not to another town just miles away, but to another country thousands of miles away from friends and family would be extremely difficult. When you are moving to another country and you don’t know the language, traditions, or ways of life, you could feel out of place and alone. Immigrants could feel like no one cares about them. They may feel like we think we are a lot better than them.

Its kind of like a poem I learned in English. FATHER, Mother, and Me Sister and Auntie say All the people like us are We, And everyone else is They. And They live over the sea, While We live over the way, But - would you believe it? - They look upon We As only a sort of They ! We eat pork and beef With cow-horn-handled knives. They who gobble Their rice off a leaf, Are horrified out of Their lives; And They who live up a...

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