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Third Objective Essay

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Exploring to what are consumers is willing to endure to patronize green hotel as the third objective in the study, Cometa (2012), reveals that environmentally friendly practice belief which is strong from the consumer are seen to have a positive perception about the green value hotel offered and willing to take part in environmentally friendly activities while patronize the green hotels. The research done by Ogbeide (2012), said that guest in the a hotel are willing to reuse their linen and towel as a multiple stay in hotel, willing to prefer the low flow toilet flush and faucet in guestroom, but they are not prefer the low flow showerheads. Study by Millar & Baloglu (2008), environmentally ...view middle of the document...

Consumer are ready to incorporate with the hotel green practice, but there are still that limits the practice of the hotels. This could be challenges that the green hotel needs to deal as to matter of fact that the guest acceptance and willingness will leads on prediction of future practice of green hotel. With a better communication and understanding of the practice taken by the hotels, hotels guest can become a smarter consumer of the green hotel, and it is to believes that as the growth of green movement continues, environmentally friendly attributes list will continuously evolves and required to be updated (Millar & Baloglu, 2008).
In regard of the cost, most of the consumer is willing to pay a premium or the same for rooms at the green hotel (Ogbeide, 2012). But, in contrary to the study done by the Jauhari & Manaktola (2007), majority of the consumer are not willing to pay more for the green practice by the hotel. Another studies done by Hans et al. (2013), found that, some...

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