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Third Party (3 Pl) Logistics In India

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What is logistics? It is management process of the movement of resources it can be either raw material or finish goods between source of consumption and the end user i.e. customer, organization to meet requirements. There are various definitions in the literature or in the business world; the most suitable definition is the overall relationship between supply, material management and the distribution (Rushton A. ). This logistics concerned with physical as well as information flows, not only that it use in the storage form the raw material to final distribution of the finish good. In the logistics process physical items frequently involves the combination of material handling and the material flow, production, information flow, inventory management as well as warehousing, packaging, transportation and security. The minimization of the use of resources is a common motivation in logistics for import and export. Another way to describe the logistics is that the providing inbound logistics as well as outbound logistics service in a cost efficient way considering customer point of view. One of the most significant features in the last few years is the increase in the number of organizations in the global business market in which logistics plays an important role. Globalization is not only opportunities but also possess the certain risks. The increase in the competition increase the number of challenges, as a result of it the demand for transportation, warehousing, shipping, planning and control services is constantly rising. The major implication in the logistics is to optimize the quality, extend the supply lead time and costs of services. Logistics has become one of the most vital key services that companies used for the survival and for the competition.
The Indian logistics industries are showing continuous growth last few years. The demand in India in the logistic services is continuously powered by the rapidly growing economy. In India is lots of changes and growth are required in the logistics services in transportation warehousing and various service elements in the Indian industries. The major concern in the Indian logistics service is that the transportation service is still controlled by the road network. Now Indian industries looking towards new businesses by provide alternative modes of transportation such as rail system and the effective use of the major ports in India. Various organizations in India are focusing on the change in the logistics services. They are effectively using various modes of transportation to gain strategic advantage. Also the warehousing system is still under developing with respected to the global scenario. Yet an Indian industry shows the noticeable improvements in the quality and the service in the warehousing. Logistics service in India is multifunctional, many retailers supplying to service to various organization with the current logistics system. The unsatisfactory conditions of Indian roads...

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