Third World Essay

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Third World

"Most of the world's population resides in - and the overwhelming percentage of that population's growth occurs in the incredible diversity of places we call the Third World."

"Third world includes America's south of the United States; the whole of Africa; Asia apart from the Soviet Union, China and Japan; and the Oceanic Islands apart from Australia and New Zealand." Majority of these Third World countries is in complete poverty and due to that these countries face internal conflicts.

The citizens of the Third World countries are facing many difficulties such as poverty uneven economic share in the world economy, and injustice. Hunger; lack of shelter, health care and the less advanced technology are major aspects of this worldwide dilemma.

Many people die from starvation in smaller, underdeveloped countries, especially those in Africa. Due to their financial problems, the people lack proper shelter and clothing to keep themselves warm and clean water to keep their living areas hygienic. Since they lack adequate shelter and clothing, diseases break out and these diseases develop a lot easier with poor nutrition.

Third world poverty has developed for various reasons. In general those are; lacking social security; lacking natural resources and nutrition; and having no financial stability.

A third world country is economically depressed and continues to grieve.

Most third world countries don't have social security or welfare. These countries cannot afford to support their citizens. Unemployment rates are extremely high and wages are drastically low. As a result, the people of those countries have no or insufficient income to keep themselves surviving. These extreme poverty situations could lead to hostile actions against the governments where governments are usually blamed for the problems.

The effect of the decline in living standards in the poor countries increases potential for political violence as an impact on the government. "There have been over twenty violent protests in recent years (late 1980s) specifically against the austerity measures imposed by the IMF, with over 3,000 people killed in those protests."

Political violence or in other words reactions to the government will continue in the future as long as the needs of the citizens are not met. For the time being these impacts are passed over lightly by the third world governments but it is hard to predict the long-term effects of this cover-up. There are a variety of Third World countries in the world. Some are ruled democratically and give hope that they will manage to better off soon enough, and the rest are authoritarian regimes. In fact the political instability may make it more difficult for democratic regimes to survive, especially in Latin America, and may be replaced by authoritarian regimes which would be a step taken backwards. Plus the liberal, market economy may loose its popularity and new regimes, rejecting free market,...

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