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This 5 Page Paper Explores The Metaphysical Theories Of Idealism, Realism And Anti Realism.

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MetaphysicsIn this essay I will critically analyze three views of metaphysics. These will include idealism, realism and antirealism. I will present and then assess the premises and claims of each of these theories. I will then base my conclusion on that assessment.The first view of metaphysics that is examined will be idealism. This view holds that reality is mind and idea rather than matter. Idealists believe the creative, or mental, to be the creative force or motivator behind all things. They deem this to be true whether they believe in many minds or a single, absolute mind. This section focuses on philosopher George Berkeley who is considered to be the father of modern metaphysics.The second view of metaphysics that is examined will be realism. This view holds that the features of this world exist independently of our language, our thoughts, our perceptions and our experience. This means that the world would be the same even if nobody had ever existed to perceive it. This section focuses on philosopher Aristotle and his views about metaphysics.The final view I will explore is the antirealist view of metaphysics. Antirealists believe that our world and everything in it is completely dependent upon how it is perceived, described and thought about by humans. This section focuses on philosopher Nelson Goodman.Spagnuolo 2Although these three views of metaphysics differ from one another, my goal is to critically analyze each view and draw a conclusion regarding these views. Based on myexamination, I feel that each view has its strengths and weaknesses. The following analysis will demonstrate this.Idealism is defined as "the belief that reality is essentially idea and mind rather than matter" (Velasquez 189). They emphasize that it is not the material, but the mental or spiritual that is the active and creative force driving all things. The founder of modern idealism is George Berkeley. He claims that the only reality is the perceptions of the conscious mind. He denied that world is independent of mind because for Berkeley, ultimately only spirit and mind matter. Berkeley concluded that we had no reason to theorize the "existence of any external physical reality" as we have no evidence for saying that reality is anything other than these perceptions and sensations (190).Berkeley held that physical reality is the collection of our perceptions. He believed that the uniformity, continuity and consistency to that collection of perceptions are the work of the supreme mind, or the mind of God. Berkeley also gave credit to God for the "orderly succession of events" that we perceive in almost everything (Velasquez 190).Realists present a different view of metaphysics. Realists believe that "a real world exists independent of our language, our thoughts, our perceptions, and our beliefs (Velasquez 209). The characteristics of this world would be the same even if humans had never existed to perceive those characteristics and that those characteristics will...

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