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Should Affirmative Action Be Dismantled?In 1964 President Lyndon B. Johnson signed Executive Order 1124 requiring employers toactively seek the inclusion of qualified minorities among their pool of applicants when hiring("Affirmative Action" 18). This act signaled the birth of affirmative action. Broadly defined,affirmative action refers to the efforts to increase educational and employment opportunities forminorities. More specifically, it applies to various policies and programs designed to increase thenumber of minorities admitted into colleges and universities ("Affirmative Action" 16). Theorigin of affirmative action programs was dependent on one's race but subsequently extended tosex, national origin, and religion ("Affirmative Action" 122). However, with this context thefocal points will be how affirmative action affect African Americans, how it bolstered the equalopportunities for an ethnic group that has been historically discriminated against, and thethe conventional efforts of affirmative action to increase the educational employmentopportunities for African Americans.Today's opponents of affirmative action decry its practice of minority preference, and call for areturn to colorblind and merit based policies of the past, yet such policies never existed. When weturn to the real world, we find not centuries of color-blindness and objective merit but centuries ofracism, slavery, and discrimination. America's history is marked racism and discrimination, andeliminating or curtailing affirmative action would only halt the forward progress minorities havebeen able to achieve.The Declaration of Independence asserts that "all men are created equal" "Declaration ofIndependence" 546). Yet America is scarred by a long history of legally imposed inequality.Captured from their native land, transported thousands of miles into slavery, Blacks in Americawere reduced to the legal statues of farm animals. A Supreme Court opinion, Dred Scott v.Stanford in 1857,made this official by classifying slaves as species of "Private Property"(Commager Documents 344-345).Even after slavery was abolished by the Thirteenth Amendment in 1865 American blackscontinued to be deprived of some of the most elementary rights of citizenship (Killian 30). Duringthe Reconstruction, after the end of the Civil War, the Fourteenth Amendment was passed in1868, making Blacks citizens and promising them the "equal protection of the law" (Killian 30).In 1870 the fifteenth Amendment was passed, which gave Blacks the right to vote (Killian 33).Congress also passed a number of civil right laws barring discrimination against AfricanAmericans in hotels, theaters, and other public places.As a result, in 1865 the South reacted by passing the "Black Code," which severely limited therights of the newly freed slaves, preventing them in most states from testifying in court againstWhites, limiting their opportunities to find work, and generally assigning them to second or thirdclass citizens...

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2658 words - 11 pages . The theory of kraterism is similarly poised to oppose affirmative action, seeing as this theory calls for the distribution of resources on the basis of how much individuals are able to grasp. This theory of grasping allows for discrimination and/or racism and struggles to overcome racism, even if these struggles turn violent in the race to grasp resources. Kraterism may be considered morally unacceptable for the simple reason that violence is

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2088 words - 8 pages In India, the Dalit’s, or lower class citizens, experience tragic moments in their day-to-day lives. They are discriminated against greatly, but a policy named affirmative action wants to fix this. This proposed law, however, is controversial and is opposed by certain people living in India. The Untouchables of the caste system are seen by many as outcasts, unwanted humans who are simply unworthy of being seen on earth. Members of this class

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969 words - 4 pages qualified students and decided to appeal the case in the Supreme Court. In Bakke’s case, the Supreme Court banned inflexible quota systems in affirmative action programs, which in this case had unfairly discriminated against a white applicant, Allan Bakke. In other cases women and minorities who have had the same education and training as white males have received less salaries and they do not get the job promotions they deserve because of

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1135 words - 5 pages the medical school in 1978. The University of California had separated admissions for minority groups and had set aside 16 out of 100 places for minority students as their goal for diversity. Mr. Bakke felt he was being discriminated upon by less qualified students and decided to appeal the case in the Supreme Court. In Bakke’s case, the Supreme Court ruled out inflexible quota systems in affirmative action programs, which in this case had

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1235 words - 5 pages steps to ensure equal opportunity for minorities in employment. Since then, affirmative action programs have expanded to include women and have been instituted in many sectors including higher education and the military. Affirmative action is actually quite unconstitutional, and it also provides a wonderful example of reverse racism. Affirmative action essentially causes more harm than good and only serves to cause more problems in the workplace as

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1705 words - 7 pages the United States, including Barack Obama, and citizens’ opinions, including a lot of minorities’ representation. At the end, the video also shows an opposite argument saying that some say that when we only have one black senator and two Hispanic we cannot say that affirmative action is unnecessary due to the clear majority of white politicians. This program aims to show that the United States has progressed greatly in terms of racism and

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1559 words - 6 pages eligible to go to college than minorities. Symonds states that affirmative action has upped freshmen enrollment in colleges and universities to 12% African-American and Hispanic. He mentions, however, that African Americans and Hispanics make up 28% of the 18-year-old population of the United States. Symonds also provides other numbers that support his claim. He uses two charts to illustrate his point. The first one compares enrollment rate

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1874 words - 7 pages be more representative of the population[1]. This is commonly achieved through targeted recruitment programs aimed at applicants from socio-politically disadvantaged groups. In some cases affirmative action involves giving preferential treatment to these groups.[2] Opponents of affirmative action policies argue that they are based on collectivism and merely another equal form of discrimination because they can result in qualified applicants

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2051 words - 8 pages return, this makes it difficult for minorities and women to progress naturally. Consequently, affirmative action is needed to give them a boost. The argument is also made that without certain stereotypes will never be overcome. People who support affirmative action generally believe that racism is still a factor will not diminish without policies set in place. Reasons for opposition of Affirmative Action Through the eyes of those who support

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1490 words - 6 pages in his essay. However, Steele does address many of them by voicing his objections to affirmative action, instead of simply refuting the statements of its supporters. One of his main objections is that, because it states that minorities need extra help, affirmative action implies that they are inferior to whites. Although subtle, this implication is very important, since most people unconsciously equate a need for assistance with an inability to

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