This Assignment Analysis Three Articles And Gives The Good Idea Of Management In A Changing Environment

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1.0 IntroductionThe purpose of the assignment is to ensure the library and referencing skills required for the postgraduate assignments. It also focuses on developing critical thinking skills. The summary of three articles are presented each of the articles are analysed and compared within the textbook. Some arguments are offered in this assignment to show the different point of views in management knowledge.2.0 Bite the bullet, dear CEOHarish Bijoor, the author of the article, stated that the difference between business theories and real world. Experience sometimes is more useful in the first-line workplace. The market knowledge management process in organisation is run in a filtered ...view middle of the document...

When the report passes to the CEO, the decision-maker, many of the useful information are lost. The final-decision maker is the least connected with the market.One more disease in the hierarchy is that unprofessional people lead professional people. Sometimes the employees in the bottom are the people who really know how the updated business world is going on. When a trend and an idea report to the supervisor, he/she adds the filter to the idea and upwards to his/her boss, selectively, based on his/her judgment and old market knowledge. Every level of the management does the similar thing and is often too wrong. The time the trend and the idea reach the top man of organization, it is not alive at all. It is but a thought that has been ruined by the successive archaic filters that leave nothing that is original in thought. (Harish 2004)2.2 AnalysisIt is important to understand the knowledge of management and theories of marketing, however, experience from the real world might tell the different stories. Management is an art that there is no one theory can rule the all. Life is always changing so as management, only understand the very basic change can make the right response in the management level and make the right decision. For an organisation, the best way to understand the market is to touch it and analysis it from the knowledge and experiences.Decision-making is the process of identifying problems and opportunities and then resolving them. Management decisions typically fall into one of two categories: programmed and nonprogrammed. Programmed decision involve situation that has occurred often enough to enable decision rules to be developed and applied in the future. Nonprogrammed decisions are made in response to situations that are unique, are poorly defined and largely unstructured, and have important consequences for the organisation. For a brand organisation, nonprogrammed decision is more important than programmed decision especially the market and consumers change all the time. In a prefect world, managers would have all the information necessary for making decisions. In reality, like Harish Bijoor said, many things are unknowable even some information are lost during the time passed to the decision-maker. Decision-makers try to obtain information about decision alternatives that will reduce decision uncertainty, however, the organisational structure simply against it because of the hierarchy. (Bartol et al. 2003)2.3 View of the articleThis article reflects the reality and the feeling of the basic employees who are the foot soldiers of the organisation. It happens all the time that people who do not understand the situation make the decision for the people who understand the situation. When the basic employees such as salesman receive the new policy or decision, sometimes it is hard to carry out. If the top decision-makers can organise staff meeting with the front-line employees or open a directly reporting system, it will help a lot...

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