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In Ancient Greece, men and women believed they were the center of everything. They believed everything was affected by them and that they affected everything. WIthout humans, there would be no culture, ideas, or civilizations. This is shown in the quote, “Man is the measure of all things”, quoted by Protagoras. In Ancient Greece, many aspects of Greek life and accomplishments reflected this quote. The Ancient Greeks completely believed they were the center of life and that everything was relative to them. Everything they did was for or involved humans in some way.
In the early period of artwork in Greece, Ancient Greeks made sculptures that glorified and conveyed what a perfect human looked like. This is an example of humanism. Humanism is the idea that Greeks glorified and made man as great as possible. Since they believed they were the center of everything, they created sculptures that showed a perfect form of human. An example of this type of sculpture is the sculpture Laocoon and his sons (Document 1) because it shows a perfect human. Towards the later period of artwork, the Ancient Greeks created sculptures that conveyed emotion. In the statue Discobolus (Document 17), there is a man with a disk in his hand. He is very serious and concentrated, which is a form of emotion. From the early to late period of Greek art, they focused on creating sculptures of man.
Another aspect of Greeks believing they were the center of everything was shown in their culture. Ancient Greeks created the Olympic games. During these games, people from different city states, or poleis, would come together and compete in different games. It was a peaceful competition, that brought everyone from different places, together. People would fight for the glory of their city state and Zeus. This is another example of how everything revolved around them. For example, when the Sicilian tyrant, Theron of Akragas wins in a horse chariot race, there is praising and an ode to celebrate. The quote, “...To say that glory has to the Eumenidae and to Theron” shows how the leaders and the winner is praised and has glory” (Document 7). Greeks also worshipped many gods instead of one god. This was a very big part of their culture. They had many different gods that all could control different things. They all had different symbols, characteristics, and were all the gods of something different. Also, they all had Roman name because later on Romans worshipped them as well. For example, Aphrodite is the goddess of love and beauty, whereas Ares is the god of war (Document 3). From these gods and goddesses, many myths were created, which shows their culture. These myths involved gods, monsters, and even humans. These myths also displayed how humans are in the center of everything because humans are in these myths and without them, the stories would...

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