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This Assignment Investigates The Different Forms Of The Promotional Mix That Has Been Used By Aldi, A Major Grocery Chain In The Uk That Is Seeking To Change Its Image

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INTRODUCTIONALDI, in an attempt to gain an increase in market share by targeting a different clientele has embarked on a £500m campaign in the UK, building new stores and refurbishing existing ones. The purpose is to enhance their image, improve their brand reputation and essentially attract a different type of customer.For communication to be effective however there are fundamental elements as described in (fig 1.) that need to be adhered to, which focuses on the sender and receiver, and how messages are dealt with.Fig 1 Model of the communication processSource: Blythe 2003, p.2ALDI'S INTENTIONSThe intention of the company in general is to:- Double their market share- Update their ...view middle of the document...

ALDI has decided to use a TV campaign, which will target a large audience on a national level in a short period of time. It appeals to the senses through sight, sound and motion.Types:- Sponsor an entire programme- Participating in a programme- Purchasing a spot from syndicates- Purchasing spot announcements between programmesPrintIn print advertising, the key format elements are visual headlines, subheads and slogans. Print advertising contains both sought and unsought communications. Sought are those looked for by customers, unsought are the hidden messages. ALDI has decided to complement the TV ad campaign with newspaper advertisements with the main aim to:- Achieve awareness in the targeted market.- Create favourable images appealing to customers/readers to generate attention and interest and provide information that will influence the purchase trial.OutdoorIt is one of the media that can carry a message 24 hours a day, seven days a week, day and night without interruption. An outdoor poster activity is also complementing ALDI campaign and will provide:- The attention for the target audience who identifies with the characteristics of the company.- The audience as an element of the environment they operate daily.Sales PromotionSales promotion is dynamic by nature and includes the display of materials such as stands, header boards and shelf strips. It also involves coupons, premium offers and discounts. Its main objective therefore is to persuade immediate trial purchases, differentiate from other brands and create customer loyalty.ALDI has introduced a larger range of products, giving certain items more prominence, in their layout. This strategy has already yielded a sales uplift of 20% in fresh produce.Public RelationsPublic relations is not paid for, it is received in the form of news articles, editorial interviews, or feature stories. People generally will trust this approach, since they think that the messages are coming from the medium and not the company. ALDI invited the Grocer to the opening of their new store in Rugby, which led to the article by James Durston a week later. This article highlighted the major aspects of the company's campaign, which they did not have to pay for.The intention of public relations is to create total awareness in the targeted market, stimulate the sales force, and build public consent for its business and market place excitement before media advertisements break.SEGMENTATIONMarketing is operated on the assumption that there is a mass market for products and services, with the belief that most consumers are similar. This notion of consumer homogeneity has been overridden by a more precise understanding of distinct consumer segments.This distinct segment commonly described as market segmentation, has been defined as the division of markets into specific groups. It can be identified by examining demographic, psycho graphic and behavioural differences among buyers.The company then decides its target market,...

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