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Art is used to express the feeling of joy, sadness, fear, anger, and disgust. In this exhibition, which has an underlying theme “oneness in differences” depict the diversity towards society that focuses on race, language, and religion. The differences that occur in the society should not be a reason to hinder the community to unite.
The election for the head of certain community is somehow triggered a conflict between the people with different perception. sometimes it is because of different nationality so then people starts to discriminate based on stereotypes. Which then leads to a bigger conflict that includes the whole community.
The very first artwork Untitled by Quintin Perez is meant to be put as the opening of the exhibition to give the overview of variety of race, mixed gender, jobs in a country. In which this artwork is one of the highlighted artworks, used to depict the idea of unity in diversity in general.
There are three others highlighted artworks which are Absolute Zero by Yee Sokyung, To Death With a Smile by Eduardo Garcia Terjo, and last but not least In Unity There Is Strength by Dr. Odita. As what is mentioned before, unity in diversity is still unspecific until it is divided into race, language and religion.
Absolute Zero by Yee Sokyung portray the body and soul are the only way to determine whether the soul that lives in the body is divided into cells and to show themselves to those individual tiny particles which it represent the people in this world. The use of buddha and Jesus as the icon of her artwork to represent different people from different religion. This artwork strongly emphasize how oneness in differences occur in religion.
To Death With a Smile by Eduardo Garcia Terjo depicts a glimpse about the diversity and richness of the use of language that is used around the world, with different style and personal focus from each participant. This artwork is highlighted due to its strong elements that emphasis...

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