This Piece Of Work Is A Market Research Into Mcdonalds And Its Current Situation In Terms Of Sales, Problems And Marketing Issues.

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1.0INTRODUCTIONMcDonald is the world's leading food service retailer with more than 30,000 restaurants in 119 countries serving 46 million customers each day. Approximately 85 percent of McDonald's restaurants worldwide are owned and operated by independent, local businessmen and women.In this report, we have looked at McDonald international operations in order to help us gain an insight into the forces facing the corporation.2.0Marketing problemsThe management problems reveal that McDonald is facing declining sales in its major markets around the world, especially in its major European markets. In the last four years the brand has seen all forms of attack on it operations world-wide. Whilst the US market has showed in the first six months of this year some improvement due to aggressive proactive strategies of adopting health conscious menu to stabilise the decline in sales, same-store sales in Europe, the company's second-biggest market, fell 0.9 percent. (Copyright 2003, Reuters News Service).Our aim therefore is to approach the management problems from a marketing research perspective. We have therefore defined the marketing research problems as seen below under objectives.3.0Objectives·To measure consumer perception and attitudes towards the brand.·To find out the reasons for the declining sales. Whether it is an industry -wider phenomena or unique to McDonald only?·To find out the growth potential of the premium segment of the new menu.MethodologyReport is based on secondary data only from various sources.4.0Macro-environmentIn the wake of increased obesity amongst children in the UK, McDonalds have responded by reposition themselves as healthier products (Marketing Magazine, 06/02/03).4.0.1Political factorsHealth has become the top issue in recent years and especially in 2003 as government pressure groups and media focus their scrutiny on the food and drink industry. This is due to the increasing obesity and other health issues. The UK government and the European Community are putting pressure on the food industry to tackle the problems facing the public.4.0.2Economic factorsThe impact of the slow down in the western economies is having a notable effect on the businesses. McDonald, the food processing company is in no better position, but to face the grip of recession, persuading would-be diners to eat out is harder than ever. Slow down of the economic growth world-wide led to less spending on take way or eating out in restaurants in most of the markets which McDonald are operating.4.0.3Social factorsToday, doubted by health-conscious consumers and battered by obesity lawsuits and anti-globalisation protesters, the company has fewer fans. 'The chain is revamping its image to lure back customers who wants more stylish food.' John O'Donnell reports. (The Sunday Times- Business - September 14, 2003)4.0.4Technical factorsTechnology is an important factor in fast food industry where speed of service, process and quality of...

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