This Book Was All About Forrest Gump And His Life.

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This book was all about Forrest Gump and his life. Forrest is such an amusing character because his life was interesting.Just after Forrest was born his father had been squished by a half a ton of bananas and he was killed and he never knew him. His mother raised him and they got along really good. He never really had many friends during all his year in public school, except for one and her name was Jenny Curran. They were best friends forever. Forrest was always getting picked on at school she one day he's mother decided to take him to a new school was he thought it was a school for retards. Forrest thought he was the best at that school.One day in high school Forrest had been chased by two bullies, but Forrest was a fast runner and they never caught him and the high school football coach just happened to watch Forrest running and then he started playing high school foot ball. Since Forrest was so big some of the players on his team were telling him he was the biggest quarterback in the world.Once Forrest was finished high school he got a football scholarship and played college football for awhile. Forrest was really a good football player, but it was his running and the size of him that the coaches like. They had to teach him everything from different passing plays to where to stop running with the ball. The team had finally given up on him and he had to leave but that was hard for him because he love football.When Forrest got home the U.S. Army had heard about him because of many awards and medals he won and the wanted him to join the army. The first thing they made him do was to cook stew for all the men and Forrest had never cook and meal in his life. Well he turn up the heat just a bit to much the big pot that he was cooking it in exploded and Forrest got in big trouble by his Sergeant. He ended up going to Vietnam War where Forrest met his best friend Bubba. Bubba died not long after they were at war. Forrest was always trying to save injured people and he kind of forgot about shooting at the enemies and one day he was shot in the butt and had to be sent home because of his injury. When Forrest got home he was sent all over the U.S. to receive medals and awards for him bravery and everytime he got up on...

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