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This College Should Be A Smoke Free Campus

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I know there are many smokers of students in this college. If Edmonds Community College really becomes a smoke-free campus, I guess it may have many against voices from students. The college should prepare itself for feedbacks. However, as everyone knows, school is a place where educates people. So it is supposed to be a clean air campus. Becoming a smoke-free campus is one of the improvements. In the smoke-free campus, although people are not allowed to smoke on campus, they still have rights to carry tobacco product, so they can go to other place to smoke or they can smoke electronic tobacco which has less harm to people.
Smoking is not a good thing. School is a place to educate people, ...view middle of the document...

She feels it is the wrong environment to have smoking, so she does feel like we should have a smoke free campus and also a lot of students neither enjoy the smell of smoke nor like smoke in general. She also feels that having a smoke and tobacco free zone would make it better. I agree with her opinion because I am not a smoker. Although I do not smoke, I see there are many smokers in this college, so sometimes I can smell smoke while I pass by smokers. Moreover, smoke produces bad chemicals. Smoke causes pollution. If I over smell smoke, it is not good for me even though I don't smoke. I think the college can realize this point. Smoking not only can harm smokers but also can affect people surrounding. There are places off campus and near to the college that allow people to smoke. Although people are not allowed to smoke on campus, they should have rights to carry tobacco product. They can go off campus to smoke. Also, I saw electronic tobacco and it does not spread out pollution so it is an alternative way for people to smoke. Smoke-free campus can support smokers and help nonsmokers.
Since I am not a smoker and I know the feeling of smoke, I want to preach about educating the bad effects of smoking and eliminate the problem. I also want to suggest the college that it had better hold some events such as volunteer about preaching the bad of smoke and do some exact useful things to eliminate smoke. I know college wants to hear students' voices from this essay, so I want to use this opportunity to tell the college that it can hold speech to provide chance for me or other students to talk about the disadvantages of smoke. We can also do a census to collect students' feedbacks to know how they think about this coming policy. Although college think about being a smoke-free campus, it should still listen to students' opinions. I think collect students' feedbacks is good especially from smokers. It will help a lot because...

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