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This Describes The Changes That Took Place In The 1930's Regarding The Role Of The Federal Government To Helping People In Economic Hardship.

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The Depression was blamed for destroying the American families, but in many cases the Depression actually caused families to pull together. In 1936 and 1937 the hardships of depression were compounded by a natural disaster in the arid regions of Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas and Arkansas, due to topsoil erosion and Dust Storms as depicted in The Grapes of Wrath.The Great Depression was widespread throughout the entire country. American factories remained producing goods, but they stood silent because no one could afford to buy the goods.Business and the Republican party which took credit for the heady days of prosperity now took the blame for the depression and shantytowns were called Hoovervilles, newspapers were used as blankets, people slept on park benches, in boxcars in subways and on the streets and heating vents.Hoover entered the White House in 1929 as the great humanitarian but when year later he was the torturer of the American people.As President, the suffering of the American people moved him, so much that he gave a lot of his income to charity.Something had to be done and many people that lived through the depression of the 1890's didn't want to see the same amount of terror and social conflict.Hoover did spend $500 million on improving government properties and these projects did create some jobs. The most famous of them was the Boulder Dam now called the Hoover Dam outside Las Vegas.Hoover led the creation of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation in 1932, which was an agency to help banks railroads and other economic institutions stay in business.He also cut consumer taxes, but this did nothing for the unemployed.The Reconstruction Finance Corporation was an unpopular program and people saw it not as a recovery policy but as relief for big business while individuals were told to fend for themselves.Alot more was needed such as massive relief to the poor. Hoover would not authorize this because he believed that the "rugged individual" would pull himself through the crisis.He also believed that the states should take the lead in fighting the depression and he viewed government was a business and that his job was not to help individuals, but to balance the budget. Hoover predicted in 1931 that prosperity was just around the corner.And for a few months in 1931, Hoover's predictions seemed to be coming true for most economic indicators made a modest gain.The industrialized world followed the United States into the economic pit of depression. As banks failed across Europe investors panicked. They worried that all paper money would lose its value. As a result, international investors withdrew $1.5 billion in gold from American banks, which weakened the financial structure and launched a new wave of local bank failures.People who were broke or homeless wondered not how the system failed them, but how they had failed the system.Long after the Depression it was the proud boast of many families that however bad things had gotten they never had...

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