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APES Learning Log Unit 1
Answer the following questions in complete sentences.
Chapter 1
1.What is exponential growth? Give two examples of exponential growth.
2. Distinguish between solar capital and natural capital (natural resources).
3. What is an environmentally sustainable society? Distinguish between living on the earth's natural capital and living on the renewable biological income provided by this capital. How is this related to the sustainability of (a) the earth’s life-support system and (b) your lifestyle?
4. How rapidly is the world's population growing? How many people does this growth add each year?
5. What are perpetual resources and renewable resources? Give an example of each.
6. What are sustainable yield and environmental degradation? Give five examples of environmental degradation.
7. Define and give three examples of common-property resources. What is the tragedy of the commons? Give three examples of this tragedy on a global scale. List two ways to deal with the tragedy of the commons.
8. What is a nonrenewable resource? Draw a full production and depletion curve for a nonrenewable resource and distinguish between a physically depleted resource and an economically depleted resource.
9. What is pollution? Distinguish between point sources and nonpoint sources of pollution. List three types of harm caused by pollution.
10. Distinguish between pollution prevention (input pollution control) and pollution cleanup (output pollution control). What are three problems with relying primarily on pollution cleanup? Why is pollution prevention better than pollution control?
11. According to environmentalists, what are five basic causes of the environmental problems we face?
12. What is affluenza and what are its harmful environmental effects? Are you infected with the affluenza virus?
13. Describe a simple model of relationships between population size, resource consumption per person, and technology, and overall environmental impact. How do these factors differ in developed and developing countries?
14. What is an environmental worldview? Distinguish between the planetary management, stewardship, and environmental wisdom environmental worldviews. Which one...

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