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This Esay Is About Coca Cola As An American Symbol. It Describes How Coke Fits Into American Society As A Symbol Of Various Things.

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Coca-Cola: The American SymbolAn Atlanta druggist, named Dr. John Stith Pemberton, invented a substance called "Coca-Cola" syrup on May 8, 1886. As the years progressed, this drink came to be known as Coke and its sales started booming. Slowly this drink, whose colors are red and white, eased its way into American society and culture, and it would become a symbol of America, here and abroad. Advertisements are the most straightforward insight into Coke's status as an American symbol, especially the ads during the 1930's and 1940's. They are extremely widespread and can be found almost everywhere. One can find Coke ads in magazines, on TV, on billboards, on signs, and in many other places. Analysis of several advertisements can easily establish Coke as a symbol of America.In advertisement 1A, there is a group of young Americans drinking coke and standing by a record player. The title reads, "For young America at play...pure, refreshing Coke." Basically, for younger Americans at leisure, Coke should be the first thing they reach for, according to this ad. It shows two pretty girls and a handsome boy just drinking Coke and listening to music. The caption "young America" targets entire generation often overlooked by advertisements. Most advertisements of this time focused on young adults or older adults; there are very few ads focusing on teens. This article is implying that America is made up of young, carefree people. They are standing around a record player listening to music, seeming carefree; the article did not picture working people. There are also two empty bottles of coke next to the record player. Not only does that mean that they people in the picture obviously like Coke enough to have already drank two bottles, but it also implies a level of financial security. "Pure refreshing Coke" associates Coke with quality and goodness. America is, in a sense, a pure and refreshing country. It is a relatively new country and is seen as pure and "uncorrupted" by hundreds of years of history, like many other countries. America is seen as refreshing because of its democracy. America is the land of the free; that is a refreshing statement. This ad says that Coke will make all these American qualities and events even better. Coke fits right in with the perception of typical American youth and the their qualities actions.Advertisement 1B is called "The All-American Pause" and contains two cute boys sitting next to a pretty girl. The ad says "The All-American Pause" and is referring to Coke as that pause. This ad was put out during football season, and a smaller caption reads "All-American choice for time-out is the pause that refreshes with Coca-Cola." It is easy to see the image this ad generates. Americans are at a football game and during the time out, they can think of no way to refresh themselves other than to drink Coca-Cola. The girl in the picture is wearing red, white, and blue and has a Coke in her hand. These are the colors of the American flag...

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