This Essasy Explores The Controversial World Of The Jacksonian Era And Tries To Explain The Reasoning Behind President Andrew Jacksonian's Many Bias's.

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The 1820s and 1830s in America were times of sweeping change. Jacksoniandemocracy brought more power to common citizens, and engendered ideals of widespread liberty. Jacksonian democrats believed that they were guardians of theConstitution, political individual liberty, and economic opportunity. Althoughtheir beliefs did not apply to the Indians that they displaced, they werecorrect in their evaluation of themselves.Jacksonian democrats believed that they were guardians of the Constitution.Thy believed that they upheld its principles, and defended its ideals of an"equal" society. They took the Constitution at its face value, without readinginto it. Jacksonians believed that they defended political democracy. Theysupported a government that represented all of its people, not just the wealthy.In their minds, it was important that all white men have the right to vote, notjust the rich white men. They believed that they protected individual liberty.Locke's natural rights were held in high esteem. Government should ensure theserights, they thought. They believed that they propagated economic opportunity.Upward mobility was what the land of opportunity was known for, and theybelieved that was one of the better aspects of America, and should be preservedat all costs.Jacksonians did a good job of upholding these ideals. In July of 1830, anact regarding the Bank of the United States was submitted to President Jacksonfor signature, he flatly vetoed it on the grounds that it was not "compatible withjustice...or with the Constitution" of the United States. He believed that it wasunconstitutional for a single financial institution to enjoy "a monopoly of theforeign and domestic exchange." Committed to the ideal of expanding the country,he worked hard to acquire territory to hold the expanding population. Politicaldemocracy blossomed under Jacksonian democracy. George Henry Evans, a JacksonianDemocrat, in December 1829 wrote "The Working Man's Declaration ofIndependence." He borrowed some of Jefferson's words to construct a document that looksstrikingly like Marx's manifesto. He wrote that when one government perpetrates"a long train of abuses" it is the right and duty of the people to use "everyconstitutional means to reform...such a government." This is the character ofJacksonian democracy.Individual...

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