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This Essay 12 Pg Long, Is About The Negitive Effects Immigration Has Had On The Us. This Essay Talks About Multiple Reasons Why Immigration Should Be Cut Down In The Us.

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last name 1Immigration: Is It Really that BadYES! The United States of America is known to the world as the country with the most cultural groups and has been home for many legal and illegal immigrants from second and third world countries. Second and third world countries are referred to as undeveloped or developing countries, such as most of Asia and countries in Latin America. Many immigrants refer to the U.S. as the land of freedom and opportunities. Year after year legal and illegal immigrants from these second and third world countries have been increasing in numbers in the United States. Many immigrants immigrate to the U.S. to escape poverty due to their poor economy in their country. They immigrate to the U.S. in search for economic security. They immigrate to the U.S. and steal as many American jobs as they can, and send their earnings back home to their family. As more and more immigrants enter the U.S. they interfere with the economy and ecosystems that are vital to the health and survival of America and the Earth. This is why immigration needs to be taken seriously. The United States should reduce the illegal as well as legal immigration in the U.S. due to American job losses, environmental problems due to overpopulation, and the money that is spent on immigrants.The United States should reduce the rate of illegal as well as legal immigrants immigrating into the U.S. because they harm the American workforce. One example would be, job displacement. This is when native workers lose their jobs to immigrants working for lower wages. By immigrants working for lower wages it gives them the advantage because businesses will hire the person who will work for the lowest cost.Delvecchio 2Unemployment has risen to 6.4%, the highest unemployment rate in nine years {Unemployment in the U.S.}. Research says, that about 40% of wages lost among American workers is due to immigration {Stein2}. This means that nearly two million jobs a year are displaced by immigration {Immigration and Job Displacement}. The number of employed immigrants rose by 593,000 from 2000 through the end of 2003, while the number of U.S. born workers decreased by 1.5 million, said a new report by the center for labor market studies at Northeaster University {Unemployment in the U.S.}. in San Diego natives picked the tomato crop for twenty years. They earned five dollars an hour. Growers soon switched to immigrants and paid the 3.25 dollars an hour {Immigration and Job Displacement}. This has been happening in many other industries across the United States. For example, in the mission foods factory strike, management lowered wages by 40%, and when native labor went on strike the Mexican managers intentionally brought in newly immigrated workers to take their place {Immigration and Job Displacement}. In the furniture industry, competition from immigrant laden plants in South California closed all the unionized plants in the San Francisco area and removed natives from the...

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