This Essay Argues Against The Insanity Plea. It Gives About 5 Points/Arguments That Prove The Defense Faulty, And Tell That It Should Be Abolished From Court Rooms.

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Crimes are committed everyday, by many different people all over the world. Crime is something that seems impossible to defeat, with some crimes more magnificent than others. These crimes are all inexcusable and those people who commit crimes should be punished. The punishment should fit the crime, meaning that, if you do something extreme, like murder someone, you should not be allowed to defend yourself by reasoning of insanity. No crime, especially a murder should go uncharged which is why the insanity plea should be abolished. It allows for the "mentally insane" people to go virtually unpunished for their crime. For hundreds of years civilized courts have recognized that, when a person who is mentally unstable is accused of a crime, it is a special circumstance and they must be deal with in a different manner than a sane person would.Granted the opponent must have some valid points and arguments, but arguments that oppose the insanity plea use much stronger and logical reasoning.One reason the insanity plea should be abolished is that it imposes a threat on the safety of the innocent and sane, American public. A large number of Americans feel that the insanity plea should be erased or altered to protect their own safety. One idea would be to prevent the use of the insanity plea when more extreme cases such as murder are on trial. Using the insanity plea in a murder case and getting away with it shakes the security of American people. Would anyone like to know that a murder who had left the mental institution after pleading mentally insane would be walking shoulder to shoulder with them or someone they loves out on the streets. This is a great fear behind the insanity defense because many non-guilty verdicts have set the violent offender free and he committed another violent crime.Another fault of the insanity plea is that mistaken diagnosis is a very real and serious possibility. Whether the mental symptoms are diagnosed by observation and evaluation, or by performing tests and taking x-ray pictures, there is an uncomfortably large margin of error.Malfunctions of the brain still remain a mystery in the scientific world, and if they are not understood a sane person posing as insane could be mis-diagnosed. Of course, what is sometimes known as mistaken diagnosis is simply the doctor being bribed to declare the offender insane. When one doctor or a number of doctors declare their patient is insane it gives the jury no reason to believe he is not insane, which leaves the man free as a bird.Most of the testimonies given in court when there is an insanity defense is being used, are given by medical doctors and psychologists. The average juror who has not been through medical school and attained his degree in medicine cannot always understand the doctors' testimonies.While the jurors are still trying to comprehend what the doctors have said, things become more confusing. The doctors often have different views and opinions on the same matter, and all...

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