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This Essay Compares And Contrasts Two Poems," Mending Wall" By Robert Frost, And "Mother To Son" By Langston Hughes. Very Useful If Assigned To Compare And Contrast Two Poems

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The poems " Mending Wall" by Robert Frost, and "Mother to Son" by Langston Hughes are very similar in many ways, and yet very different in others. "Mother to Son" is written from a mother telling her son that life isn't easy and not to give up. "Mending Wall" is about a man fixing a wall that has holes in it. Both of these poems are about the hard work it takes to get something done. Each of these poems teaches us to never give up when times get hard.The subject of "Mending Wall" is about two neighbors who are fixing a wall that has holes in it. ...view middle of the document...

Some examples of the imagery used in "Mending Wall" are: the apples eating pinecones, and old-stone savaged arms. Tacks, splinters, crystal stairs, places with no carpet, turning corners, and landings are examples of the imagery used in "Mother to Son". "Spring is the mischief in me" is an example of a simile used in "Mending Wall". In "Mother to Son" when the mother compares her life to a crystal stair, this is the use of a metaphor.In "Mending Wall" the poem is spoken from the first person point of view from one of the men building the wall. The first person point of view is also used in "Mother to Son", yet it is from the mother. I believe that the tone in "Mother to Son" is helpful. In "Mending Wall", I believe the tone is also kind of helpful, but curious.As one can see, these two poems are very similar to one another, and yet unique in their own way. In my own opinion, these are two great poems worth reading. "Mother to Son" is more upbeat, and "Mending Wall" is almost like a short story. I believe both of these poems are alike in the way that both of them are about problems, but different because the problems they face are different. The mother in "Mother to Son" knows all the answers and is passing them to her son, and in "Mending Wall" the man wants to find out the answers.

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