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This Essay Is The Summary And Reaction Of "Of Mice And Man".

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Of Mice and MenThe novel opens with the description of a riverbed in rural California. Two migrant workers, George and Lennie, camp for the night in a river bottom. Lennie is a large, gentle mentally retarded man, devoted to George and dependant upon him for protection and guidance. Lennie is a lover of soft things, and she likes mice, but he often kills the mice accidentally because of his strength. They go to see the boss and hope to find a job so that can save up their money and buy their own farm. They are greeted by Candy who lost his right hand. Unfortunately, they are a day late to see the boss, but because of George intelligence in speaking, the boss hires them. They are assigned to one of the grain teams, working under a man called Slim. They also meet a Curley, the boss's aggressive son. Curley is newly married and jealous of his flirtatious wife. When Candy leaves, Curley's wife appears and flirts with the two companions; Lennie thinks she is pretty and George immediately warns him to stay away from her. Slim comments on Lennie and George's friendship. Then Carlson, another ranch hand, comes in and suggests that since Slim's dog has just given birth, they should offer a puppy to Candy and shoot Candy's dog. The next day, George tells Slim that he and Lennie have been friends since childhood. He recounts how Lennie often gets them in trouble. He mentions to Slim that at their last job, Lennie tried to touch a woman's dress and was accused of rape. Slim has given Lennie one of his pups, and now Carlson asks Candy to take a puppy and kill his dog. When Slim agrees with Carlson, they shoot at Candy's dog from the back of the head. Candy hears Lennie and George talking about buying a land, if they will let him live there when slim and Curley is gone. Curley suspects that Slim is having an affair with his wife but soon he apologizes because he has made a wrong assumption. At that moment, Curley is very angry and he tries to drive away his anger by picking a fight with Lennie, but Lennie breaks Curley's hand effortlessly. Slim warns Curley that he should not fires Lennie and George. Later, Lennie accidentally kills his puppy in the barn. Curley's wife comes in and let Lennie to feel her hair, but he grabs too tight, and made Curley's wife cry....

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781 words - 3 pages Edwards 1Lakiyah EdwardsMs. SaganEnglish21 October 2014Of Mice and Men EssayHow can a bond stay strong when it faces many obstacles? The main characters George and Lennie find out the answer to that dilemma in Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck which is set in his hometown of Salinas, California. The novel tells a story of two men that leave an old job to escape trouble, but run into it when they arrive at a new working place as they try to earn

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2740 words - 11 pages about a future together, their loneliness subsidesmomentarily.Loyalty and SacrificeThe issue of loyalty is embodied in the character of George. He is abright man who could possibly make a successful life for himself on hisown. He chooses instead to stay beside his friend Lennie. Thedim-witted Lennie needs George for survival. It is this need whichpropels George to make the great sacrifice he does. He truly lovesLennie through thick and thin. He

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