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This Essay Discusses The Impact Of Technological Advances And Immigration During The Industrial Age. This Was An Exercise Used To Prepare For The U.S. History A.P. Exam.

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The Impact of Technology and Immigration on Industrial WorkersThe technological innovations and the influx of immigrants in the nineteenth century affected industrial workers' work conditions and their lifestyles. Job security changed for the Americans. With the influx of immigrants, high-paying jobs became scarce and resentment twoards immigrants grew. Technology also turned workers into pieces of the Industrial Machine. They were now dispensable, and replaced quickly by immigrant workers.More and more Americans, faced with a choice between the uncertain life of farming and the prospect of more certain industrial employment, chose certainty and flocked to cities and towns to find work. Yet, the conditions of industrial labor were often appalling, and at times life-threatening. As the new industrial workers came to discover, they were unable to bargain over salary and working conditions on an equal footing with prospective employers. They discovered that their lot was to become pieces in a huge and ever growing Industrial Machine, and more and more workers came to question just how wise their choice of work had been.Technological advances made production faster and more efficient, and soon took the place of many workers. It's use created high unemployment numbers and made workers' output increase. Soon, artisans and other hand workers would not be able to find as much business as many bought ready-made clothing rather than going to tailors. Artisans lost their status--they were no longer thought of as producers but as wage workers. Bigger machinese in factories also meant dangerous conditions. Child laborers replaced adult workers, as they were willing to work for less, and were placed in watch of heavy machinery. It was not unusual for children to lose their limbs and suffers cuts from working in these conditions. Workers put out more work for less pay as demand for goods rose.Women laborers began to find more work with the introduction of the typewriter. The small machine, which fit the size of the smaller-handed women, made it possible for the women work force to grow as many women took on clerical jobs. They would sometimes be the breadwinners of the family when the man of the house was not paid enough.The new technology was able to make the working man's life easier. Canned goods and ready-made clothing produced in mass numbers were made available to the general public. Women would not have to make their family's clothing, but could buy it from stores, though not all families could afford such luxuries on the low...

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