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This Essay Describes How The Cold War Started. Long Term And Short Term Causes.

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The Origins of the Cold WarSome historians who have gone over the Cold war still believe that it was one of many of American's hostility or, at least, political stupidity, but I have learned that "Traditional view lays the responsibility on the USSR (soviet Union)" . This is when I try to consider the validity of each view of the two sides so I don't write to dominate. The Cold War, started in 1945 and first ended in the dismantling of the USSR in 1991, this was said to be one of one of the most significant political steps of the 20th century.For almost 40 years the war was under constant threat of total, because the 5 countries where caught between the nuclear weapon stock of the United States, Great Britain, and France on one side and the USSR and the People's Republic of China on the other. Any crisis precipitated by the fight connecting the forces of democracy and communism could trigger a nuclear swap of such surprising size and overpowering horror and pain that would make life on earth absolutely impossible. The Cold War was a stressed political phase among the Democratic and Communist blocs, the East and the West, and most significantly, the United States and the Soviet Union. Even when the period had ended between these two super powers, many arguments had been made regarding the first conference at Yalta near the end of the Second World War, and the actual causes of the Cold War tensions involving Communist and American aggression.According to the predictable view, the Cold War was a conflict between two superpowers, caused by Soviet aggression, in which the US tried to contain the Soviet Union and protect the world from it. This is what we have been told though the Russians saw in a totally different perspective. At the beginning of the Cold War, the USSR was on the edge of gathering a great deal of power, and it was this possibility that frightened the United States and brought about the Cold War. Any Soviet act of aggression was countered by the United States, further raising diplomatic tension.One such act of aggression came when the Soviets attempted to gain complete control of Berlin by forming a blockade against all of the other Allied forces. Despite the barrier, the United States airlifted tons of supplies to those who were in need of them in Berlin. This was the very beginning of antagonistic relations. Another form of aggression that angered the Americans was Stalin's refusal to hold free elections in Eastern Europe, while he covertly set up their governments to act as puppet satellites, forming a protective barrier around the U.S.S.R. The Soviets' reluctance to reunify Korea and the strong Communist atmosphere in North Korea also disgruntled Americans and hurt diplomatic relations. Overall, each step that the Soviet Union took to strengthen its power and the power of the Communist party was viewed as an act of aggression, and there are many historians who strongly believe that the Soviets were at fault in the instigation of...

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