This Essay Describes The Economic Activity And The History Of Pinellas County Florida.

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IntroductionGreat schools, numerous national parks, lots of fun things to do, and white sandy beaches, what more could you ask for. Pinellas County, Florida is one of the few places you can find all these great things and more. Within this report you will find several reasons why Pinellas County is one of the most appealing counties in Florida. You will furthermore learn why Pinellas is one of Florida's most visited and populated counties'.GEORGRAPHYPinellas County, Florida is the sixty-sixth largest county in Florida, It is also acknowledged as the second smallest county in Florida. Pinellas covers only about 280 square miles of land and about seventy-one square miles of water area. Pinellas is located on the western coast of Florida's peninsula. In the region called the Coastal Lowlands. It is bordered by two bodies of water, The Gulf of Mexico on the west coast and Tampa Bay on the southern and eastern coasts. Only two counties boarder Pinellas County, Pasco County and Hillsborough County. Most of Pinellas County is located on a peninsula (a piece of land surrounded by water on three sides), Which was originally part of Hillsborough County.·HISTORYPinellas County was the forty-eighth county established in Florida. Pinellas County was founded in the year 1911, to be more precise May 23, 1911, having been separated from a portion of Hillsborough County. The peninsula in which the largest segment of land rests was known to its Spanish founders as Punta Pinal (also spelled, Punto Pineal), when translated to English is said to mean " point of pines". The present name is thought to be derived from that Spanish nickname. Even today the name Punta Pinal is a name commonly used to refer to the inland area of Pinellas County.·EDUCATIONPinellas County, Florida is home to the seventh largest school district in Florida and is recognized as the twenty-first largest in the United States of America. The Pinellas County school district contains 141 schools including elementary, middle, high, and specialty public schools. The Pinellas County, Florida school district is oversaw by seven school board members, five who must reside in the district they represent and two at-large members who may live anywhere in the county. All school board members are elected officials. A county-wide election is held every two years in order to elect the new members of the school board. All the registered of the county are eligible to vote for the new members that they would like to see elected into office. Afterward, the board alone appoints their superintendent, who serves as the chief administrative officer of Pinellas County Schools. Which includes all the schools in the county. The board also elects its chairman and it's vice chairman annually. Elected to these offices for the 2000-2001 school year is, chairman, Thomas C. Todd, vice chairman, Nancy N. Bostock, and the superintendent of schools is Dr. J. Howard Hinesley. As the governing body of Pinellas Countys'...

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