This Essay Depicts The Morality Of Genetic Engineering.

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According to Webster's Dictionary Human Genetic Engineering, is the branch of biology that "deals with hereditary and variations in similar or related organisms." Genetic Engineering studies the possibilities of developing improved varieties and strands of animals through selective breeding. These studies allow people to test for genetic deficiencies or abnormalities in their DNA sequence. These studies are feasible and essential for generations to come. (Devine) When used ethically, its purpose should be solely for corrections to alterations in the DNA sequence or genetic diseases and illnesses. Though there is much controversial talk on the topic of genetic engineering; however, with all this talk a very intricate and important question arises: May genetic engineering have moral or ethical consequences? To efficiently approach this question one must fully grasp the knowledge and benefits of genetic engineering.For years genetic scientists have intensely researched genetic engineering with hopes of preventing many persons, which carry genetic defects in their DNA sequence, from passing on the inheritable defect to their children. The dilemma that people encounter with genetic engineering isthat they are concern that misuse of such science would enable man to be altar human beings or to develop people designed to perform certain tasks or perhaps, to allow parents to choose the sex, eye, and even hair color of their children. (Nelson 117). This dilemma is posed as people live their lives unaware that they do have defective genes until deformed, diseased, or retarded children are born to them. This form of scientific research is more useful and beneficial to these same people. A prime example of how genetic engineering can truly be beneficial lies in the story of a couple who have a 20 year old daughter, about to be engaged, and, thinking of her future, they consider their twins. Their twins were born with microphaly, this resulted in their heads being enlarged to 2/3 the size of a normal head. Both twins were born blind, in addition, one was deaf, the other suffered a rare and difficult blood disorder, and both were prone to epileptic seizures. The twins were born with an inherited genetic defect and the parents wondered if the same fate would befall their 20-year-old daughter's children. (Nelson 115)Such testing or genetic screening would be available only if, scientists are allowed to research and experiment with genetics.Genes are transmitted through chromosomes, which live in the nucleus of every living organism's cell. Each chromosome is made up of fine strands of deoxyribonucleic acids, or DNA. The information carried by the DNA determines every function of a cell in the organism. Sex cells are the only cells that carry the 'DNA map' of the organism, or in other words, "The structure of a DNA molecule or combination of DNA molecules determines the shape, form, and function of the organism's offspring" (Lewin 11). Genetic scientists attempt...

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