This Essay Describes 8 Different Flowers Found In The United States. It States Their Regular Name And Scientific Names, It Also Lists Its Uses.

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Spring BeautyClaytonia VirginicaThe Spring Beauty was used by Indians and Pioneers for many reasons. They used it for food, for example they ate the bulbs raw or boiled as a potato substitute. The flavor is described as bland and as resembling chestnuts. The leaves were nibbled when fresh and added to salad, also a great feed for wildlife. Spring Beauty can be seen between March and May in Minnesota, south Ontario, south Quebec, south New England, Indiana, Through the Appalachians and westward. It will be found in the rich soils of open woodlands. The stem grows to be six inches tall. This perennial is fragile and is easily broken. The white to pink flowers grow towards the sun on the dark colored stem. The petals are usually less than half an inch long. Spring Beauty is known by many names such as Fairy Spuds, Good Morning Spring, Ground Nut, May Flower, and Wild Potato.Sweet WilliamPhlox DivaricataSweet William is a thirty inch tall flower with green leaves and stem. the petals are a blue to violet color. It blooms in April through June. Sweet William grows in South Minnesota, Indiana, southwest Quebec, New York, southwest Connecticut, south to Missouri, the mountains in Virginia, and North Delaware. It grows along streams, on rich moist soil in woodlands, and in the partial shade. Sweet William is also known as Blue Phlox. In early medicine the leaves were made into tea and used to cure eczema. It was thought that it would "purify the blood."Blue-eyed MaryCollinsia Verna NuttThe Blue-eyed Mary is known by many names. It is also known as Broad Leaf Collinsia and Innocence. There are four petals on each stem. The wildflower grows to be six to twenty-four inches tall. The petals are usually blue and white. The petals are two inches long and shaped like ovals with heart shaped ends. April to June mark the blooming season for the Blue-eyed Mary. Blue-eyed Mary's can be found o rich moist soil, in woodlands, or along springs in south Wisconsin, Indiana, east Iowa, west New York, south to Arkansas, Kentucky, and west Virginia. No food or medicine uses of this species by Indians or Pioneers is known. Although, the Blue-eyed Mary is sometimes chosen for flower gardens.American BellflowerCampanula AmericanaThe American Bellflower can be seen for a long time, from June to frost. The Bellflower is found throughout the Midwest in wet soils, cool and shady woodlands, and stream banks. it has blue thin hairy petals with finely toothed margins. The petals are three to six inches. The stem is slender and straight, sometimes there are many branches. it grows to be three to six feet. Other names that it is called are Bluebell and Tall Bellflower. A tea brewed from its leaves sometimes was used in early medicine as a treatment for persistent coughing. Its leaves are also used in salads. A tea brewed from its leaves was sometimes used in early medicine to treat an ailment early writers referred to as consumption. Consumption is thought to be tuberculosis and...

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