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This Essay Describes The Aftermath Of The Cold War And Competition That Uprose Between The Ussr And The Us, Especially In The Areas Of The Arms Race, Technology, And The Space Programs

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The Cold War was an event that affected American and Soviet history tremendously. This political battle over communism cost the U.S. a significant amount. After just coming out of WWII, most countries were crushed to ruins. There were two major superpowers though, that were still on their feet. These two superpowers, the U.S. and the USSR, were in a major space, technology, and arms race. With the launching of Sputnik, a Russian spy satellite, the U.S. government was made uneasy. With the spacecraft being launched, and the U.S. not knowing its capabilities, the U.S. felt threatened and violated."The Cold War was an extended conflict between the communist states led by the Soviet Union and the western states led by the United States, which lasted from 1945 to 1990. The struggle had political, ideological, military, and economic dimensions" (Encyclopedia Americana, "The Cold War"). The Cold War was a war that beared no arms. It was strictly a political dispute over the space program and the spread of communism through Western Europe. The amount of jealousy incurred throughout this dispute is amazing. The U.S. and Soviet governments seemed to have taken on the mindset of a two-year-old. Each was jealous of what the other was doing or what the other had.The U.S. and the USSR were previously allies. This makes someone wonder what caused them to break up their friendship. During WW II, the U.S. pulled the most intelligent scientists in the world together to build the atomic bomb. It would seem that the US' allies would be made aware of the bomb's makings. It would just so happen that England, who had been a U.S. ally for a long time, knew about the bomb, but luck would have it, the USSR had no clue. Another item that comes into play in this part is the fact that while the U.S. and England were puttering around western Europe, Russia was busting their humps in eastern Europe to try and hold off the enemy. Since Russia was doing this without assistance, they lost upwards of 20 million people.The thing that actually sparked the start of the Cold War is unknown, but there were numerous happenings that led up to the beginning of the dispute. The Yalta conference played a large role, if not the largest in the dispute. What happened at this conference was astounding. At the Yalta Conference, the "Big Three" met. They were the United States, Great Britain, and the USSR. The U.S. was represented by Franklin Roosevelt, Britain by Winston Churchill, and the USSR by Josef Stalin. As expected, Josef was there solely for the purpose of himself and Russia. Churchill and Roosevelt were there to try to keep Stalin and his arrogant self together. Stalin had demanded that Poland's borders be enlarged to create a smaller Germany. He also wanted the larger Poland's government to be a friend of the USSR's. He also wanted to have the eastern piece of Poland for Russian territory. The U.S. and Britain agreed to this deal, only if Russia promised to declare war on Japan two...

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