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This Essay Talks About The French Revolution. It Talks About The Causes And Effects Of The It. It Focuses A Lot On The King Of France During This Time.

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The French RevolutionThe French Revolution is an important event history. The French Revolution brought about equality between the people of France. The Revolution's motto was "Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité. " This was French for "Liberty, Equality, and Brotherhood. Louis XVI was the ruler during the time of the revolution. He was also known as the "sun god" (The French Revolution). The king was crowned in 1774 at the age of twenty years, committed countless, careless, biases and selfish acts, which triggered the French Revolution. Many events took place and changed during the revolution. Also, many resulted in France has benefited greatly from.Before the French Revolution, France was in a horrible condition. The country was not considered "united". The main problem of France was that they were in debt. King Louis XVI spent wastefully and selfishly, which caused France to file bankruptcy. He built the Palace of Versailles, which cost a huge sum of money. He was also "land hungry" (Life in France Under Louis XVI), and chose to fight in many wars. In most of these wars, France was unsuccessful. Many men died and many supplies were used. They lost many colonies during these wars. Instead of coming home with more territory, they came home with less. That added to the frustration of the already angry population. There was also a shortage of grain harvests in the preceding years. Therefore they had less to trade and lost a lot of potential money. He captured basically all of the land from the peasants. The little amount of land that they had left was insufficient for the needs of their family and their jobs because the land was non-arable and lacked all nutrition required to harvest crops.There were also social classes that divided the population up by wealth. These social classes were called the Three Estates. The first estate consisted of the bishops and archbishops. There was about one hundred thousand in this class. The people in this class owned ten percent of the land. The second estate had about four hundred thousand people in it. These people owned twenty percent of the land. Neither of the top two classes had to pay taxes. The people in the lowest classes were treated unfairly. The third estate was made up of peasants, middle class people, and urban workers. They were ninety-eight percent of the population. They were forced to pay taxes, but were given no say in the government. This angered the people of this class and caused their revolt. Another thing that upset the people is that France was an absolute monarchy. King Louis XVI had basically all of the power. His omnipotent state upset basically everyone. The 1st estate had some power, but there were no constitutional rights. The Old Regime was still followed. This meant that King Louis XVI still wanted and expected full power over the people, the government, the economy, and everything else in France. Then the industry grew due to the emphasis on trade. The men who...

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